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Snapchat : les médias français ont débarqué ! Voici leurs snapcodes

Snapchat : les médias français ont débarqué ! Voici leurs snapcodes | digitalcuration |
Par Barbara Chazelle, France Télévisions, Direction de la Prospective En l'espace de quelques semaines, les médias français ont débarqué sur Snapchat. Dans la partie Stories uniquement pour le mome…

Via Béatrice D.
Béatrice D.'s curator insight, April 22, 4:54 AM

Les médias français multiplient les expérimentations sur Snapchat.

Deux tendances semblent se dégager :

  • de plus en plus de médias ont choisi d'incarner leurs publications (ce que font beaucoup des médias américains).
  • certains commencent à proposer des rendez-vous (par exemple, on parle ciné le mercredi sur BuzzFeed).

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Rescooped by Stéphane Koch from Public Relations & Social Media Insight!

8 Brands Rocking Snapchat

8 Brands Rocking Snapchat | digitalcuration |

These are the chattiest brands on Snapchat, demonstrating that time-sensitive images can actually be a strength in brand marketing.Mobile apps such as Twitter, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat are turning traditional media marketing upside down, challenging brands in increasingly new ways. Human interactions are key to brand loyalty and building a strong consumer base, and these mobile apps allow for two-way conversations.


Snapchat, which launched in the iTunes App Store in September 2011, is popular with a much younger demographic than some marketing execs are used to, but it takes little or no cost to interact with customers by way of snaps. Compare that to other pricey forms of old-school advertising, and that’s a major plus...

Via Jeff Domansky
malek's curator insight, December 6, 2013 8:10 AM

Taco Bell in a great chat "Got That Fire". Going after younger generations.

Allison Emma Schizkoske's curator insight, December 6, 2013 1:51 PM

Snapchat is really big today, i myself use this app with my friends. This is a great way to get a message out among many people. The Snapchat app allows you to take a picture, write a short message and draw on it. You can then select how long this picture will be viewed for and send it to select friends. Snapchat has now added another feature called "Mys story" You can make a collage of pictures that will show on someones screen for up to 24 hours, after that the pictures are gone forever. This would be a great app to work with as a PR agent. 

Esteban Mejía Isch's curator insight, December 6, 2013 2:01 PM

Pubñicado manualmente en mi scoop futbol