Infographic Demand Is So Elastic It May Be Infinite | digitalassetman |

There’s so much content crossing my feeds these days, I would welcome anything that might save me time while helping me grasp complex quantitative information. I wish more organizations would adopt infographics as a way to provide that ability to comprehend what data means in a glance.


What’s that you say? We’re swimming in oceans of infographics?

Not so, and the fact that just about everyone calls them infographics doesn’t make it so....


[Shel Holtz searches vainly for the real thing - JD]

Marty Note
I agree with the idea here. Many things that say they are infographics are not and the demand for making complex communication easier to understand is elastic and infinite. No matter how much data you cut down with an infographic, much like bamboo, there is always more.

There has been some talk among my marketing friends that infographics are over. Nonsense the benefits of making data understandable in an instant so outstrip any potential "over use" that beginning is more the word than over.

This is not to say all infographics are equal. There is a pretty clear bell curve of greatness here with many clogging up the middle with Cs and Bs only a few As and fewer A+. The interesting thing may be how few outright BAD infographics there are even as the number significantly increases the benefits of average infograhics are still considerable.

Via Jeff Domansky, Martin (Marty) Smith