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Rescooped by Tami Cannizzaro from Social Strategies!

Social Listening and Why It’s So Important: IBM Interview with Bryan Kramer

Social Listening and Why It’s So Important: IBM Interview with Bryan Kramer | Digitalageofmarketing |

In early September at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Orlando, Bryan was interviewed by Scott: Langingham, Producer and Host of the developerWorks podcast show and Todd “Turbo” Watson from IBM about Social Listening. According to Todd’s blog, Bryan discusses “the value social listening can bring to your efforts and some of the tools you need to make it more effective; he thinks of social listening as the largest, greatest focus group in the world.”

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Bryan Kramer's comment, September 27, 2012 3:55 PM
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12 Simple Ways Marketers Can Humanize Their Brand | HubSpot

12 Simple Ways Marketers Can Humanize Their Brand | HubSpot | Digitalageofmarketing |

Excerpted from article:
"In an inbound marketing age where businesses are expected to get to know their target audience, develop personas, maintain an active social media presence, and be genuinely helpful to their leads and customers, it seems like there's room to develop a relationship between companies and consumers beyond just the transactional.


People do business with people they like and trust, and it's really, really hard to trust a company.

If your company comes off as cold, corporate, or faceless, it might be time to find a way to humanize your brand a little more. Here's how.


1) Write an 'About Us' page that's actually good.

2) Kill the business babble.

3) Inject a sense of humor into your content.

4) Publish photos of your team being themselves.

5) Introduce your community manager.

6) Sign your social updates.

7) Have conversations with fans, followers, and commenters.

8) Encourage employees to be social on behalf of your company.

9) Admit your mistakes.

10) Poke fun at yourself.

11) Sign your emails with your name. Like, your name.

12) Take off your marketer hat once in a while."


Each way is analyzed with detailed information. Read full interesting article here:



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How To Use Social Media for Your E-Commerce Site

How To Use Social Media for Your E-Commerce Site | Digitalageofmarketing |

The term social media might give you the impression that it doesn’t have much to do with business. After all you post your pictures of your last party on Facebook, or you tell people about your latest holiday on Twitter.


Businesses however deal with people, so it is only natural that they go ‘social’ and interact with their customers that way. It’s a more personal approach that makes people feel the company is interested in them.

Even though social media might not drive up the sales directly according to statistical research, they can and do increase awareness and interest in the products and services of a company.


For example, if the latest shooter video game for the Xbox is advertised on Twitter, I might not buy it straight from their web site, but I might buy it from another retailer. However, that Tweet has just contributed to that sale.


That said, even pseudo e-commerce sites such as online auctions can benefit from social media.


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SEO & the Dawn of Visual Social Media

SEO & the Dawn of Visual Social Media | Digitalageofmarketing |

"The days of the single task "SEO and done" marketing are over. Today’s fashion statements include a mix of marketing color: local SEO, Pinterest, and social media.


These are the areas small- to medium-sized businesses should focus on, according to CEO of WebmasterWorld and PubCon founder Brett Tabke".


Read More Here:

Via Antonino Militello
Mike Rozelle's comment, September 21, 2012 9:50 AM
Great article here, thanks for sharing!
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How to take the plunge with media attribution

How to take the plunge with media attribution | Digitalageofmarketing |

Defining attribution goals can help marketers discern where to place their digital dollars. Use these three steps to optimize media allocation and improve overall performance.


You've read about attribution modeling, and you're ready to begin seeing the true value of media performance. You want to get the most out of your digital budget, but the problem is you're stuck. You want to get moving fast, so now what?


The first step is always to define your attribution goals, and understand what attribution can do. Attribution allows marketers to better understand upstream user-actions (ad views and clicks) and their impact on the final goal action (download, sale, lead form etc.). Attribution alone won't make your media perform better, and it won't improve your conversion rates. What it will do is illustrate where your dollars are used most effectively, so that through media allocation optimization, your digital spend becomes more effective. Attribution is the key to unlocking successful cross-channel optimizations of media spend in order to increase back-end performance. It's not the last step to performance improvement, it's the first step.


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Are You Connecting With Generation-C?

Are You Connecting With Generation-C? | Digitalageofmarketing |

This is the dawn of Generation-C, where “C” represents a connected society based on interests and behavior.

Gen C is not an age group, it’s a lifestyle. While social networks are the fabric of online relationships, it is how technology affects every day activity.

What’s most important for you to understand is that Gen C is different. In some ways, they’re different from you and me. They put the “me” in social media. They’re always on. They rely on the shared experiences of strangers to guide their actions. And, they know that other Gen-C’ers rely upon their shared experiences to find resolution.

What does this mean for you?

As you think through you businesses objectives and strategies to realize them over the next year, think about the customer experience for Gen-C. Walk in their shoes. Learn how they connect and communicate. Discover how they discover. Uncover their preferences and expectations, and more importantly, what they value.

Opportunity is abundant; you just need to step outside of the comfort zone in the relentless pursuit of engaging, creating remarkable experiences and delivering value.

Now is the time to recognize how your customer landscape is shifting and to what extent traditional and connected consumers discover and make decisions differently.


By Brian Solis.


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3 Worst Ways To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

3 Worst Ways To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business | Digitalageofmarketing |
New media has changed the way we interact and communicate.To understand and adapt to these changes, "social media experts" popped up to help organization's evolve their marketing communications accordingly.

#1: Creating Too Many Social Networks

Marketing Pilgrim recently reported that the "the average large company has 178 corporate-owned social media accounts".

Who's going to manage all of these?

Corrective Strategy #1: Invest MORE resources in to LESS tactics

In online marketing, identify the top performing channels and invest more into them. 

If you want to grow visitors to your blog, then produce one exceptional blog post each week.

If you want to grow your email list or database, then make that your primary call-to-action (and don't even bother promoting your Twitter or Facebook accounts). If your customer demographic doesn't really match Pinterest, or if your competition is already dominating it, then don't even bother using it.

#2: Relying on Others to Share for You

it doesn't matter how many social media buttons you plaster on your site. You can't sit around and wait for others to do the work for you.

New or smaller organizations can't rely on lucky "word-of-mouth" to significantly impact your bottom line.

Corrective Strategy #2: Drive visitors to specific points of conversion

Your activities should more focused and deliberate

Don't just refer people to your homepage or Facebook Timeline. Direct them from a specific marketing channel to a matching landing page, tab or update.

And increase performance by aligning an appropriate offer that this target segment cares deeply about. 

#3: Focusing Too Much on Easy, Ineffective Tactics

Engagement is a vital step in the marketing process

Position yourself so people want to come find you.

But how do you do that?

Corrective Strategy #3: Focus on business development, not just community management

if you want to grow, then you need to focus on business development and create partnerships with other entities.

The goal of online business development is to use these new tools and technologies to create partnerships with important people and organizations.

it takes more time to develop trust and figure out how to help each other properly. So you won't see quick, fast returns.

But the long-term ROI is much higher.

And will contribute more to your overall business growth than a Twitter chat or blog comment ever will

By Brad Smith.


Via maxOz
Vitor Martins's curator insight, November 25, 2013 2:06 PM

Who's going to manage all the social Networks?

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How to Nurture Your Marketing Automation Leads to a Certain Sale

How to Nurture Your Marketing Automation Leads to a Certain Sale | Digitalageofmarketing |

A common misconception about lead nurturing in marketing automation systems is that its purpose is to "move prospects through the sales funnel.". No prospect wants to be moved anywhere. The real purpose of lead nurturing is to follow a prospect through her buying process and mirror what the prospect is thinking when she is thinking it.


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