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Imagine the following scenario: You have two different tribes, your collectivist tribe over here, and your individualist tribe over there. Imagine these not only have different ways of cooperating, but rally around different gods, leaders, holy texts that tell them how they should live—that in this group over here, women are allowed to be herders, but in this group over there, they're not; different ways of life, of organizing society. Imagine these societies existing separately, separated by a forest that burns down. The rains come, and then suddenly you have a nice lovely pasture, and both tribes move in.


Now the question is: How are they going to do this? We have different tribes that are cooperative in different ways. Are they going to be individualistic or collectivists? Are they going to pray to this god or that god? Are they going to be allowed to have assault weapons or not? That's the problem of the modern world—that basic morality solves the tragedy of the commons, but it doesn't solve what I call the "tragedy of common sense morality." Each moral tribe has its own sense of what's right or wrong but the common senses of the different tribes are different. That's the fundamental and moral problem.


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