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Looking at storytelling through different eyes
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Rescooped by Carmenne K. Thapliyal from Tech in teaching

in3Dgallery - cloud based 3D presentation tool

in3Dgallery - cloud based 3D presentation tool | Digi_storytelling | Scoop.it
in3Dgallery is a cloud based presentation software for web and mobile that helps to add a professional touch to every presentation to engage the audience in a new fashion using cinematic 3D graphic.

You can use in3Dgallery to create presentations online and play them back from anywhere using a browser and an Internet connection.

Via Baiba Svenca, Carmenne K. Thapliyal
Brian Romero Smith's curator insight, October 6, 2013 5:12 PM

Possibly some competition for Prezi, but will it be a more of a distraction rather than a tool of engagement?

Alfredo Corell's curator insight, October 7, 2013 6:51 PM
I love "some" Baiba Svenca's suggestions The female teacher at the logo... it's a bit of a cartoon, but the tool works perfectly in your browser and produces animations in 3 modes:-classic, fly-through and walk-through.


Actually it's free... let's have a ride

Christine Bushong's curator insight, October 28, 2013 12:06 PM

Beta version.  Free, for now.

Rescooped by Carmenne K. Thapliyal from Digital Presentations in Education

Storytelling for Presentations

Alex Rister: "Storytelling for Presentations" was a short lesson I developed for my online Professional Communication and Presentation course. How do you teach storytelling

Via Baiba Svenca
Nedko Aldev's curator insight, May 8, 2013 3:17 AM

add your insight...

LucaVanin's curator insight, May 17, 2013 2:42 AM

Trasformar euna presentazione in una storia da raccontare: lo sforzo più complesso!

Nathan Schultz's curator insight, November 25, 2015 4:22 PM

This presentations clearly explains what makes a good story - you need to devise conflict, develop characters and add efficient details.  I enjoy this presentation because it explains the details of storywriting with a variety of interesting visuals, which makes it more entertaining to read.