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Scooped by Melanie McV!


Pearltrees | Digital School Libraries |

Looking for a new way to display a set of great websites on your school website? Explore Pearltrees and create your own 'tree' and then embed on your site.

Pearltrees: A place to collect, organize, discover and share everything you like on the web...



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Scooped by Melanie McV!

Create your own QR Code book display

Create your own QR Code book display | Digital School Libraries |

Create dynamic and interactive book displays in your school library today by making your own QR codes with this generator.


Basic steps:

1. Select a range of books for your display (both fiction and non-fiction)

2. Browse the web for good websites that relate to your books. For example, you could use the Roald Dahl website for all Roald Dahl books, or a local conservation website for a book on saving the planet. You have the chance to be very creative here.

3. Go to - enter the URL of your chosen website, select the size (I chose medium), then click Generate!

4. Save the QR code somewhere easy to find (you can use them over again as you need), print them out and place them on the book.

5. Put the books out on display and watch the interest!


We used a staff member's iPad to demonstrate how it worked to every class that visited the library - it was a big hit, and generated a real buzz throughout the school, with the display featuring in our school quarterly magazine.


It's free and easy - try it now!

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