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Open #Development Toolkit | #opendata #tools #dataviz

Open #Development Toolkit | #opendata #tools #dataviz | Digital Open Public Sphere |
Open Development Toolkit

Via luiy
luiy's curator insight, June 16, 4:53 AM

I want to visualise aid data

I want to understand aid flows into my country / from my country / from a certain donor /globallyI want to find aid data


What is ‘open development’?

Open Development sits at the intersection of the ‘open’ movement, and international development. This could take the form of looking at how open data can affect decisions made within international development; open access to research materials; or opening up the ways we work, for example by being more inclusive, to name just a few examples. If you want to find out more about open development, join the Open Development mailing list, where a wide range of topics within Open Development are discussed. It’s open to everyone to join!


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Tech as a boost for development

Tech as a boost for development | Digital Open Public Sphere |

Moore's Law also applies to global development. From futuristic wireless networks for rural Africa to tracking water well drilling
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