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Idea Sketch - draw diagrams, mind maps or flow charts

Idea Sketch - draw diagrams, mind maps or flow charts | Digital Presentations in Education |

Idea Sketch lets you easily draw a diagram - mind map, concept map, or flow chart - and convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. You can use Idea Sketch for anything, such as brainstorming new ideas, illustrating concepts, making lists and outlines, planning presentations, creating organizational charts, and more!

Baiba Svenca's insight:

Idea Sketch is an app that helps you to create graphical outlines of your ideas or plans.

Free download

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Synchrious - present your slides with webcam comments

Synchrious - present your slides with webcam comments | Digital Presentations in Education |

Create highly engaging and measurable online lessons by synchronizing your presentation with your webcam and/or microphone. Develop assessments through interactive polls and analytics.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

Synchrious is a cool new tool, currently in beta, for synchronizing your slides with your video comments. Great for flipped classes or interactive lessons with active student involvement.

Søren Bech's curator insight, April 14, 5:10 AM

lidt som mange andre præsentations værktøjer på nettet. Du kan have mcq og video med her.

Eric Vantroeyen's curator insight, April 14, 8:30 AM

Voilà un nouvel outil de création de cours en ligne intéressant.

Gatis Šeršņevs's curator insight, April 14, 9:59 PM

ieraksti tiešsaaistes prezentācijas ar web kameru un mikrefonu

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Focusky Presentation Maker - Animated Education Presentations

Focusky Presentation Maker - Animated Education Presentations | Digital Presentations in Education |
Creative zooming slideshow by Focusky Presentation Tool makes your education presentation more fun and interactive. The non-PowerPoint slideshow in mind mapping style makes knowledge more understandable and memorable.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

A few days ago Focusky launched a new, updated version of its software. It is a digital canvas for creating mind maps and presentations. Educational presentations are free (watermarked), paid version just removes the watermark.

Check out the video annotation of the new version

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Picking the Perfect Presentation Software

Picking the Perfect Presentation Software | Digital Presentations in Education |
One of the biggest challenges when creating a slideshow happens even before you begin production; knowing the right presentation software to use!
Baiba Svenca's insight:

The article compares three most used presentation tools - PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi. There is a table that sums up pros and cons of each software and helps you decide which one is the best for you.

flea palmer's curator insight, April 10, 3:04 AM

A comparison of the features, scope and price of the 3 main tools. Also see - more interesting than PowerPoint, less 'dangerous' than Prezi!

Teri Thomas's curator insight, April 10, 7:07 AM

Yes, Prezi is an option for some presentations, the most universal information in this piece is the 2nd to last line.

Rosemary Tyrrell's curator insight, April 11, 9:38 AM
Baiba Svenca's insight:

The article compares three most used presentation tools - PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi. There is a table that sums up pros and cons of each software and helps you decide which one is the best for you.

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Knovio Mobile: Online Video Presentation App for iPad

Knovio Mobile: Online Video Presentation App for iPad | Digital Presentations in Education |
Video-enabled online presentations created on your iPad. Use built-in camera & microphone to enhance PowerPoint. Free easy-to-learn app from KnowledgeVision
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Knovio, the popular desktop tool for creating multimedia presentations, have just released a mobile version for iPad.

The app is free to download here.

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7 Online Tools for Creating Charts & Diagrams

7 Online Tools for Creating Charts & Diagrams | Digital Presentations in Education |

"Through the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page I recently received a request for some suggested online chart creation tools..."

Baiba Svenca's insight:

Once again, here is a list of online tools for creating charts and diagrams compiled by Richard Byrne. You may discover a new tool unknown to you before.

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, April 5, 5:46 PM

Cool tools here that business people can take advantage of too. Marty 

Marianne Hart's curator insight, April 6, 6:14 PM

Really like the Lucidchart tool! 

flea palmer's curator insight, April 7, 8:45 AM

These look useful...

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How to Create Motion Paths in PowerPoint

You likely already know how to animate individual objects in PowerPoint, but how about customizing the animations so the objects move exactly like you want? ...
Baiba Svenca's insight:

An awesome video tutorial about working with animation tools and creating motion paths in PowerPoint - for those who have never tried going beyond a static slide. The explanations are clear and easy to understand, so use those 13 minutes to learn a higher level skill in working with PowerPoint.

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Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad | Digital Presentations in Education |
Get Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Finally, you can have PowerPoint on your iPad, and it is free. Go for it!

Susan Liner Fisher's curator insight, March 31, 10:39 AM


Andy Kenworthy's curator insight, March 31, 12:19 PM

Be aware you need to have an Office 365 subscription to edit and create documents and they take up a lot of space on the iPad with each one being over 200MB. 

Rocio Watkins's curator insight, March 31, 11:17 PM

Finally!  Try it!

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15 Fixable “Death by PowerPoint” Issues

15 Fixable “Death by PowerPoint” Issues | Digital Presentations in Education |

Inspiring case studies, tips, and presentation ideas to help you set your story free, from the Haiku Deck team and our creative community. 

It’s worth noting that we have nothing against PowerPoint itself — in fact, PowerPoint can be used to create some incredibly awesome presentations, if you have strong design skills or you know someone who does.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

This is the right article to read with your students!

It describes 15 most common PowerPoint issues, and each one is given a title that is both funny and spot on, like Pea Soup, The Jitterbug, Ugly Duckling, Mishmash etc.

Woodstock School's curator insight, March 30, 8:16 PM

A few tips on how to exploit the real power of presentations.


Johani Karonen's curator insight, March 31, 12:33 AM

The sixteenth issue: The mismatcher, was added in a comment! I totally agree on that having an overarching look and feel is really important!

gustavo salazar's curator insight, April 3, 5:59 AM

excelentes recomendaciones para evitar la muerte por power point

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SlideShark Anywhere

SlideShark Anywhere | Digital Presentations in Education |

With SlideShark Anywhere, a unique feature of SlideShark Team Edition, team members can access approved PowerPoints and present and broadcast directly from their PC/Mac computers or Windows 8 tablets through an intuitive web-based interface.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

SlideShark which previously worked on iPad and iPhone have released a new feature SlideShark Anywhere that lets you now present from your browser using PC, Mac or Windows 8 tablet.

For individual users SlideShark is free, but there are also several paid options with greater possibilities.

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Digital Image Factory: All Pics

Free & Easy Digital Image AWESOMENESS by The Daring Librarian. What's your favourite digital imaging site? Slideshare Tip: Why the "All Pics" in the title?...
Baiba Svenca's insight:

A great slide presentation that focuses on images in your presentations - how and where to get them, how to enhance them, how to work with fonts and colors. Finally, there is a long list of image editing sites which will help you do the job.

David Baker's curator insight, April 2, 10:48 PM

one more good resource of practices and resources to make presentations, classes and professional learning pop!

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Create a striking slide presentation - Adobe for Academics

Create a striking slide presentation - Adobe for Academics | Digital Presentations in Education |
Create a striking slide presentation. Tips on using InDesign
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Even though Adobe is not a free software, their product InDesign lets you stand out by creating stunning presentations. Watch the tutorial that will give you an insight into the creative process.

InDesign is aimed at academics but in my opinion it can successfully be used in general education as well.

Mr Tozzo's curator insight, March 17, 7:20 AM
Create a striking slide presentation - Adobe for Academics
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Use the “Vanishing Spell” in PowerPoint

Use the “Vanishing Spell” in PowerPoint | Digital Presentations in Education |

...Speaking of the spell, do you remember the scene when Harry wished he knew a good Vanishing Spell to escape his fan Colin’s photograph-clicking spree? Or the time when Bill Weasley used this incantation to make a stack of scrolls disappear while cleaning up after a meeting of the Order of the Phoenix during Harry's first night at number twelve, Grimmauld Place?

Baiba Svenca's insight:

A simple and cool trick to make an object in your PPT presentation disappear - excellent for giving the slide an "oh" moment and attracting your viewers' attention!

Judih Weinstein Haggai's curator insight, March 12, 8:49 PM

a cool trick. easy to use.

Lee Hall's curator insight, March 13, 1:05 PM

Great attention grabber for your presentation.

Lon Naylor's curator insight, March 24, 3:53 PM

Interesting animation using one of the "legacy" effects we tend to forget about...

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Comic Master - graphic novel creator

Comic Master - graphic novel creator | Digital Presentations in Education |
Comic Master allows you to create your own short graphic novel. Brought to you by 'Reading for Life'
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Comic Master lets you create an attractive graphic presentation of your content. Using the tool is easy, just follow the steps.

Tatiana Kuzmina's curator insight, March 16, 8:49 AM

Seems to be a good tool

Marianne Hart's curator insight, March 17, 7:07 AM

More than Bitstrips, it's creating a whole comic book.

T. Love's curator insight, March 27, 11:13 AM

Will share this with a teacher who is preparing for a graphic novel unit. #graphicnovels #libchat #readingchat #edutechchat

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Coggles in Google Drive

Coggles in Google Drive | Digital Presentations in Education |

We love Google docs. In fact, the seamless collaboration in text documents and spreadsheets is one of the things that inspired us to build the same sort of collaboration into Coggle, right from the start, and the frustration of working collaboratively on text documents is partly why Coggles have the branching structure they do – which makes it much simpler to collaborate.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

Great news from the mind mapping tool Coggle which is a free Chrome web app (you need not use Chrome despite the name)! It is now integrated in Google Drive.

Insert coggles in your documents or presentations without leaving Google Drive and share them easily.

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Slide Design: How to Build a Powerful Color Palette

Slide Design: How to Build a Powerful Color Palette | Digital Presentations in Education |
With sight dominating our senses, it is no surprise that colors have come to hold so much meaning and importance in our culture. Consciously and unconsciously, we use color to signify our feelings:...
Baiba Svenca's insight:

A must-read article about the significance of colors in your presentations. The rules of their combinations have been explained. For instance, learn what 60-30-10 rule is. Why have you never thought about it?

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6 Presentation Design Dos and Don’ts

6 Presentation Design Dos and Don’ts | Digital Presentations in Education |

Great presentation design can be difficult to master because it requires the coordination of many elements, including colors, fonts, images, icons and background. While there are a lot of pieces to the presentation design puzzle, don’t be overwhelmed.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

A nice list of dos and don'ts in presentation design. The article suggests what you should avoid doing and what you should do instead to achieve the best result.

Judih Weinstein Haggai's curator insight, April 8, 9:13 PM

Great visual reminders of how to prepare effective presentations

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Visme - Create Interactive Online Presentations

Visme - Create Interactive Online Presentations | Digital Presentations in Education |
Easily Create online Presentations, animations, animated HTML5 banners, infographics and other rich visual content free in your browser. Visme is the perfect alternative to Flash and Powerpoint or keynote to create professional presentations, infographics, HTML5 banners and interactive content in HTML5.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

You should know that EWC Presenter has changed its name and now it is Visme. It is still the same awesome tool for creating rich presentations, infographics, animations etc. Use any browser to work on it.

Alfredo Corell's curator insight, April 6, 5:11 AM

A Nice tool to create infographics, animations, presentations, etc.. web based (called EWC presenter before)

Monica S Mcfeeters's curator insight, April 6, 3:13 PM

This is a great presentation tool for any browser!

Darleana McHenry's curator insight, April 12, 7:17 AM

This is an interesting site that I want to try.

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Nearpod in the Classroom

Nearpod in the Classroom | Digital Presentations in Education |
This presentation is designed to share tips and best practices for utilizing Nearpod in the classroom.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Shared as "An Educator's Toolkit" - A Haiku Deck by Lisa Johnson.

Two in one - you watch a presentation about Nearpod made on Haiku Deck. Excellent work!

Lee Hall's curator insight, April 4, 9:05 AM

Nearpod works on all different types of devices. Making it good for a BYOD class.

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The "Attention Method" for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

The "Attention Method" for Effective PowerPoint Presentations | Digital Presentations in Education |
This is a method of constructing effective PowerPoint presentations in a way that helps your audience pay attention to you and understand your ideas more fully. With Attention Method, the slides are designed to add power, emphasis, and deeper understanding to your well-scripted speech. You flip slides often so that, at any given time, your slides always support only what you're saying and contain no distracting information. Instead of one slide with several bullets, each slide should contain one idea expressed in vibrant images and minimalistic text.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Ted Curran describes an interesting approach to creating a PowerPoint presentation where the slides complement the speech and are in sync with the speaker's pace.

The article describes the pitfalls of presentations and suggests what should be done to avoid them. Some slide design and color tools are mentioned as well.

Lon Naylor's curator insight, April 2, 5:26 AM

Interesting idea for PowerPoint videos?

Sylvie Mercier's curator insight, April 2, 10:22 AM

Faire une présentation ppt 

Ruby Day's curator insight, April 2, 5:41 PM

Now i think of it, I have seen people use this method, very effective

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8 Tips for an Awesome Prezi

Baiba Svenca's insight:

A nice prezi-ntation suitable for watching with older students who have not mastered Prezi yet. The tips given in the presentation will help them realize what points are crucial for creating a great prezi.

Dominique Ara-Zwahlen's curator insight, April 4, 12:06 AM

value added advice for beginners like me!

BI Media Specialists's curator insight, April 4, 4:48 AM
We have taught several Prezi classes this year. The students seem to love this tool and so do judges at media festival. The Prezis we turn in usually go far - we have 2 projects going on to the state competition next month! If you are looking for a great tool for your next lesson, consider Prezi!
Dr. Pamela Rutledge's curator insight, April 4, 6:25 PM

Prezi can be very effective but they are fundamentally based on creating perceptions of movement.  Estimates in WSJ that 25%-40% of population has motion sensitivity depending on the mode of transportation.  That may be simplistic but as a media psych prof, I have seen more than my share of over-exuberant Prezis whipping in and out and around such that I could barely make it through.  (Yes, I'm one of those 25%-40%ers)  So a word of caution to presenters.  If presentations are about your audience, keep in mind that restraint applies to more than the number of words per slide.  There are lots of ways to lose an audience.  None are good.  This is one of the worst.

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Google Presentation and Drawing Apps Add Image Cropping, Masks and Borders

Google Presentation and Drawing Apps Add Image Cropping, Masks and Borders | Digital Presentations in Education |
After cutting prices on storage for Google Drive and delivering new features on the Spreadsheet app (which are now available for everyone), Google has now turned its attention to the Presentation and Drawing apps. Since images are a big part of those, a new update brings simple image editing tools, like cropping, shape masking and…
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Great news for Google users! Now you can edit your images or drawings in Google presentations using shape masks, i.e. crop images in different shapes instead of just a rectangle. This feature will let you produce even more exciting stories.

Paris Stephane's curator insight, March 29, 10:10 AM

For my Director who said that cropping an image with Google apps is not possible like Microsoft Word or Excel....

Mirta Liliana Filgueira's curator insight, March 30, 2:11 PM

Aplicaciones de Google

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Express Points Presentation Software

Express Points Presentation Software | Digital Presentations in Education |

NCH Software has just released a new product to add to the already great list of Business Software and Tools.  Express Points Free Presentation Software is a quick, effective, and easy way to create a powerful presentation on your Windows PC.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

Express Points Free Presentation Software features:
* Easily customize and edit master slide templates.
* Resize, move, and edit slide elements.
* Rich Text Editor to change font size, style, color, and more.
* Include audio or other multimedia in your presentation.
* Over 20 slide transitions
* Compatible with existing PowerPoint presentations (.pptx)

malek's comment, March 19, 3:55 PM
a striking mix of education, amusement and cheerful content
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Nancy Duarte: How to Create Better Visual Presentations

Nancy Duarte explains how to create better visual presentations so you can communicate your ideas with efficiency, clarity and impact. She is CEO of Silicon ...
Baiba Svenca's insight:

A fantastic video where Nancy Duarte is giving several important tips regarding slide design. Perfect for watching with your students as the tips are well-presented, exemplified and easy to understand.

Mike Donahue's curator insight, March 19, 4:59 AM

Nancy Duarte offers some simple ideas for making a more effective slideshow to enhance your presentation.

Lon Naylor's curator insight, March 19, 6:28 AM

I constantly see video "gurus" telling people to just insert all your script text into PowerPoint slides, read it aloud while recording, and...BAM!...instant video!


I've always contended that this is a questionable strategy at best for delivering a visual message. Here is one of the leading presentation experts on the planet explaining part of my contention.

Chris Carter's curator insight, March 19, 7:27 PM

Words of wisdom, all in 3 minutes.

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Interactive PowerPoints - Technology Integration

Interactive PowerPoints - Technology Integration | Digital Presentations in Education |
The purpose of this site is to help teachers integrate Web 2.0 technologies.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

I just came across this page which may be highly useful to the teachers. You can learn how to create a Tic Tac Toe Game, Connect 4 Game, Jeopardy Games, and Interactive Quiz Slides using PowerPoint. The site also gives you free templates for creating these games.

Judih Weinstein Haggai's curator insight, March 14, 2:44 AM

some easy and great ideas to jazz up powerpoints

Character Minutes's curator insight, March 20, 7:55 AM

So excited to see Connect 4 ---- have used the actual game board for years!

Scooped by Baiba Svenca!

You Are No Longer Allowed To Present

You Are No Longer Allowed To Present | Digital Presentations in Education |

Here are some reasons why your presentations are BAD!   We know that so many of you use programs like PowerPoint or Prezi because they have been around for a while, and it is what you know, but change is not always a bad thing, especially if that change can lead to presentations beyond your wildest imagination. 

Baiba Svenca's insight:

Follow these smart tips from PowToon how to make your presentations more engaging and effective.

Quoting the article, "it's not a rocket science", so you can do it!

Gavin Meikle's curator insight, March 10, 3:02 AM

A (mostly) great post with some sound advice for better presentations.  Here's my take on it .....


At the risk of upsetting all those wonderful Graphic Designers out there, I would recommend going easy on the fancy designs.   They are not essential.  What is essential  is a clear simple strategy with one idea per slide, minimal text, no bullet points (yes I mean it!) and clear simple pictures, graphs and diagrams to illustrate your verbal messages.

Developing compelling content is important but try to avoid using a script when you deliver.    reading scripts leads to flat, lifeless delivery and makes it much harder to respond, "on the fly2 to your audience.  Instead use  a few cue cards with key points only or a simple mind map.  Either will keep you on track without restricting your ability to improvise in response to audience reaction.


Story Telling
To true. Stories are much more engaging that lists of facts or endless graphs.  Stories also create emotional engagement which is needed if you want the audience to be motivated to do something after the presentation. 


Yes it is powerful but it is risky too.   Telling jokes rarely works and can lead to all sorts of problems (poor timing, inappropriate content etc.)  Instead use gentle self deprecating humour.  Be willing to poke a little fun at yourself and the audience will warm to you. 

Dr. Pamela Rutledge's curator insight, March 10, 7:43 AM

My take on good presentations:  1) Story 2) Content: Restrain your left brain 3) Design: the experience 4) Humor (optional).  Presenting starts with story and uses the visual design to reinforce and add new dimensions to your message. Design the experience, not the slides. Humor works if it's actually funny--not contrived. I've seen a lot that doesn't. Humor is optional.  If it comes naturally, great.  Focusing on story and image is mandatory.  Use serious restraint with putting words on your slides.  Words are processed by the rational, 'left-brain' which takes your audience out of any emotional experience and into thinking and linear processing.  Take them on a journey, don't give them a lecture.  If you feel compelled to give your audience words, give them a handout when you're done. 

rwestby's curator insight, March 10, 8:36 AM

PowToon, a Chrome Web App (in Beta) is a great presentation tool that can animate and jazz up even the most gray of presentations. Upgrades are available for those who like  a bit extra.