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10 Tips For Combining Fonts

10 Tips For Combining Fonts | Digital Presentations in Education |
Learn 10 essential PowerPoint tips on how to combine fonts for your slides. Beyond finding cool fonts online you need to know how to combine them together.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Great post about font trends and combinations for your PowerPoint presentations.

Marco Favero's curator insight, April 30, 6:01 PM

aggiungi la tua intuizione ...

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How to make font transparent in PowerPoint

There are so many great, hidden (or at least not as known) functions in PowerPoint. Without even leaving PowerPoint you can add great effects to your slides. …
Baiba Svenca's insight:

A quick tutorial how to make fonts transparent on a PowerPoint slide.

Great for students, including beginners.

Minerva Bueno's curator insight, September 14, 5:27 PM

añada su visión ...

Maria Bañeres's curator insight, September 20, 4:13 AM

Presentacions interessants, millorarem els resultats... 

Hector Cortez's curator insight, September 21, 8:33 PM

añada su visión ...

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Does PowerPoint Know I Need a Font?

Does PowerPoint Know I Need a Font? | Digital Presentations in Education |

If you use a custom font in a presentation, and that custom font is not installed on the computer that is viewing the presentation, a font default - or substitution - is used. We cannot control which font is used as the default and we cannot guarantee what the slide will look like with the default font in use.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

You have installed a beautiful new font on your computer. But what to do if the font that you used in your presentation has suddenly changed when you present from another computer? This article suggests what you can do to avoid the problem.


In answer to the comments:

The only precaution you can take is to check the fonts on the computer you will be using, as described in the article. If the font is not there, you can try changing the fonts in your presentation by those which are available or accept the default font.

I'd like to add that it is possible to embed your unique font on your presentation and never lose it.

Imno 6812's comment, August 4, 2013 1:04 PM
The article doesn't mention what can be done ...
Ahmed Khabaz's curator insight, August 6, 2013 10:40 AM

If you're a frequent PowerPoint user, you may want to know the answer for this question.

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How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font

How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font | Digital Presentations in Education |
Add the ultimate personal touch to any document: turn your handwriting into a font and use that. There’s a lot of creative potential here, and it’s a lot easier to do than you’d think thanks to MyScriptFont.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

It is an awesome idea to use your own handwriting font in your presentations. Students may appreciate the chance to create a unique personal font to stand out from the crowd.


LucaVanin's curator insight, May 27, 2013 3:36 AM

Anche se non di tutte le scritture farei un font! :-)

Susan Kay Daniels's curator insight, January 5, 2014 7:31 PM


Susan Daniels

A Social Media MEGA Resource Center

Dawn Crotteau's curator insight, June 15, 5:17 PM

Interesting arrticle.

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How to Use Google Fonts API in PowerPoint Presentations

How to Use Google Fonts API in PowerPoint Presentations | Digital Presentations in Education |

Google Fonts API contains a repository of fonts that you can use in webpages, however you can also download these fonts to your computer and use it in MS PowerPoint or any other program. This can help to make awesome presentations using unique and modern open source fonts in your projects and PowerPoint presentations.

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7 PowerPoint text effects for snazzier slides

7 PowerPoint text effects for snazzier slides | Digital Presentations in Education |
PowerPoint's special effects can turn plain text into something worth staring at. Follow these tips to start off right.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

Great post about formatting text in PowerPoint. Tips, illustrations and notes about 6 options how to do it.

Wendy Zaruba's curator insight, April 16, 4:32 PM

Here are some great tips for that next PowerPoint Presentation, check them out.

Don Breedwell's curator insight, April 18, 5:27 PM

Great tools, but please don't over do it. Remember you audience! 

Lee Hall's curator insight, April 20, 10:29 AM

This could make a presentation more interesting.

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5 Typography Tips for Every Presenter

5 Typography Tips for Every Presenter | Digital Presentations in Education |

Today, everyone is a typographer. If you have access to a keyboard and a basic software program, you have control over typography. For instance, if you construct email, write for a blog or build presentations, you have a type of control (pun intended) over your words and letters that your great grandfathers would envy...

Baiba Svenca's insight:

A useful post on the importance of choosing the right fonts for your presentation. Suggestions - choose no more than two font styles, go big, be bold, keep it simple.

flea palmer's curator insight, October 3, 2013 7:49 AM

Great advice about using fonts in your presentation. The comments are worth a look too.

Willemijn Schmitz's curator insight, October 10, 2013 4:58 PM

Basia typografische tips


Christine Bushong's curator insight, October 28, 2013 12:08 PM

Advice for presentation fonts.

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Font.My - Font Maker for Android

Font.My  - Font Maker for Android | Digital Presentations in Education |

Personality in your fonts. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The easiest way to create cool, unique fonts with your own handwriting. With easy finger draws and just a few taps, you can quickly get your fonts and instantly share your life in your very own handwriting on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter, right from your Android phone.

Baiba Svenca's insight:

Create your own handwriting font on your Android phone, email the font to yourself and install it on your computer.

Fun activity for students. They'll love to use their personal font in projects and presentations.

MECIX's curator insight, February 21, 2013 1:48 PM


Shanika Journey's curator insight, February 27, 2013 10:58 AM

Since handwritten fonts increases online conversion and are more read in direct mail, you'll probably find some use for this!

Scooped by Baiba Svenca! - choose the best font - choose the best font | Digital Presentations in Education | helps you choose fonts by previewing a word of your choice with the fonts installed on your computer.
Baiba Svenca's insight:

An awesome tool for presentation designers!

In the text box, type a word or a sentence that you'd like to preview, load the fonts which are installed on your computer, and see how all fonts look.

The preview option is fantastic for those languages that have special characters which don't show with all fonts.

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7 Engaging Presentation Fonts

7 Engaging Presentation Fonts | Digital Presentations in Education |

An interesting presentation font can boost the level of engagement of your presentation. The effect is subtle, but your audience will appreciate a font that matches the mood and personality of your presentation...


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