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Cool Edubytes for Teachers!
Just some really cool Instructional Technology related stuff I found on the "Internets" for my fellow, like minded- nerdy Educators out there!
Curated by Scott Holcomb
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Rescooped by Scott Holcomb from Geography Education!

MOOC: The Location Advantage

"Business graduates, students, and professionals can sign up today for a free online course to get the Location Advantage."

Via Seth Dixon
Seth Dixon's curator insight, April 1, 6:50 PM

The Location Advantage is a free MOOC that will be offered by Esri in May 2015. It will last six weeks (2-3 hours of study per week).  Registered students will learn how to collect, analyze, and visualize business datasets.  You can register online for The Location Advantage.

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Rescooped by Scott Holcomb from Geography Education!

Place-based Geography Videos

Place-based Geography Videos | Cool Edubytes for Teachers! |

Professor Seth Dixon shares over 50 of his favorite geography videos in this online map

Via Seth Dixon
Scott Holcomb's insight:


Matt Davidson's curator insight, October 23, 2014 7:54 PM

Great site - showing locational context is important for not just Geography but every subject. How can we understand the complexities of topics like conflict or urban economies or agricultural histories.... without understanding locations and maps?

Melissa Marie Falco-Dargitz's curator insight, November 3, 2014 12:02 PM

It was nice to see where everything was happening. I hope it gets updated to more current events. I wish we had something like this when we were looking at the invasion of Kuwait.

Caroline Ivy's curator insight, March 15, 5:19 PM

Seth Dixon uses ArgGIS to juxtapose maps with the location a video is associated with. 


This idea has crossed my mind before. Now, a video can be contemplated with the spatial accuracy needed. This connects events to a place, and can help students more fully grasp the geospatial distribution of events. 

Rescooped by Scott Holcomb from Geography Education!

The Search for the Lost Ships of the Franklin Expedition

The Search for the Lost Ships of the Franklin Expedition | Cool Edubytes for Teachers! |
All the latest news on the the search for the lost ships of the Franklin Expedition, as well as information on past searches, the technology used in the searches, historical information about the Franklin Expedition itself, and much more.

Via Seth Dixon
Seth Dixon's curator insight, February 28, 9:42 AM

Come learn about one of the greatest discoveries and explorations in our time that recovers the memory of explorers of yesteryear.  These 6 lesson plans are incredibly engaging and are a fantastic example of geographic concepts. 

TagsCanada, teacher training, edtech.

Jacob McCullough's curator insight, March 23, 6:46 PM

I am totally into archeology and the study of the past I feel it is valuable for all people to learn as much they can from past mistakes and success