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The essence of engaging with nurses

Engaging successfully with any group requires identification of the true areas of interest of that group, and/or the issues facing it, engaging in a relevant and accessible manner and adding value for the target group as a result of the interaction.

The true area of interest for the nursing profession could be stated as “helping people”. The issues facing the group are likely to include the NHS reforms and their potential impacts on patient care, and the declining job security from the professional’s perspective. Nurses are used to technology being part of their work, and are therefore likely to be open to a variety of means of engagement, from traditional methods to digital approaches. Finally, adding value for nurses could involve:

- Helping improve patient care
- Creating efficiencies through real-world solutions – nurses must work in high pressure environments, and any way to make working life easier from a practical perspective would no doubt be welcome
- Offering information and education/training opportunities – the ever-changing nature of the profession, and the possibilities for learning and development are frequently cited as important attractions of a career in nursing