Digital Natives
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Digital Natives
Persons born during or after the general introduction of digital technology
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Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn't Attracting Millennials (for Good Reasons)

Your Email Marketing Campaign Isn't Attracting Millennials (for Good Reasons) | Digital Natives |

Let's look at how marketers are self-sabotaging when trying to attract this demographic. And if you're making any of these mistakes, the solutions are all simple fixes.

Via Pantelis Chiotellis
Tessa Lieber's curator insight, May 6, 2015 1:21 PM

Millennials know the game. They grew up trying to get off of call lists, and have adapted to endless email lists. With smartphones making email easy and accessible, many companies think that it's a good way to attract eyes. However, it usually just attracts a quick delete. Because of the large usage of smartphones, if something isn't optimized for mobile viewing, it's tossed. Take the email blasting down a notch, otherwise your company will just be another reason to make that pesky red notification appear. Further, send them something that will benefit them, not just your company. After all, millennials sift through hundreds of emails, texts, and messages within a day; you need to spark their interest.

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The digital natives helixa

Qu'est-ce qu'un digital native? Pourquoi est-il si différent? Comment consomme-t-il? Quels sont les enjeux pour les marques?

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