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Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter | B2B Marketing Insider

Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter | B2B Marketing Insider | Digital & Mobile Marketing Toolkit |
Who are the biggest B2B Marketing Influencers? In this list, I make my best attempt at identifying the top 50 twitter accounts you should follow...
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Great list! 

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Blogueurs : les nouvelles règles imposées aux communicateurs

Blogueurs : les nouvelles règles imposées aux communicateurs | Digital & Mobile Marketing Toolkit |

Approche-t-on les blogueurs comme les journalistes ?

La première chose à retenir, en tant que communicateur, c’est que les blogueurs –contrairement aux journalistes – ne vivent généralement pas de leur blogue.  Ainsi, il faut adapter notre approche avec ceux-ci.

Entre le travail le jour et l’écriture le soir, les blogueurs mènent une double vie !

Via Isabelle Clément
sophiedesc's insight:

Quelques conseils de base, simples et efficaces, pour éviter certains faux pas dans l'approche des blogueurs de votre secteur. 


"Un autre irritant des blogueurs à l’endroit des relationnistes, c’est l’argument de la  « visibilité ». Certains communicateurs demandent « un service » aux blogueurs, en échange de visibilité. Or, il est bien clair que ces blogueurs sont justement approchés pour leur visibilité… "

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Why Influencers are Key To Your Content Marketing Strategy

Why Influencers are Key To Your Content Marketing Strategy | Digital & Mobile Marketing Toolkit |

It’s no secret that one of the business areas most impacted by the digital age is marketing. For every plugged-in marketer excited that part of their role now includes posting on Facebook and reading blogs, there are two others struggling to get their heads around the pace and volume of digital information, both how to consume and create it.

Via Geoffrey Laloux
sophiedesc's insight:

"With the increased focus on content, some marketers make the mistake of thinking the answer is to build a content-making-machine and then blast that content out to as many digital platforms as possible. 


But that approach is simply a shortsighted attempt to take the old advertising paradigm and feed it long-form content instead of ads.

Content marketing strategies must serve the customer first, not the marketer. In order to do that, content has to actually engage people with useful information, not lecture them.

One powerful way to do that is to partner with the digital influencers consumers are engaging with way before they land on a brand website." 

Geoffrey Laloux's curator insight, August 15, 2013 2:54 PM

Incorporating influencer marketing should be a critical component to any brand’s content marketing strategy.  It is the key to scaling the creation and distribution of stories that are trusted and shared by the consumers they are meant to reach.

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The State of Blogging

The State of Blogging | Digital & Mobile Marketing Toolkit |

The State of Blogging showing percentage of brand on blogs, blog influence on consumers, influencers biggest pains, and more!

sophiedesc's insight:

Find blogging, blog influence and blogger outreach stats & tips in this great infographic ! 

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Content: Why Influence Matters

Content: Why Influence Matters | Digital & Mobile Marketing Toolkit |

Do name-brand journalists still require the backing of name-brand media outlets? Recent headlines strongly indicate that the byline is being rapidly decoupled from the masthead.

Via Kamal Bennani
sophiedesc's insight:

Interesting insights from Rebecca Lieb about Influence Marketing & very impressive facts proving its big potential for your content strategy; 


 "At the end of the day, an influencer strategy is primarily an amplification strategy. Influencers, by dint of reputation, confer legitimacy. They are thought leaders, journalists, bloggers, tweeters, analysts, consultants or subject-matter experts who influence buyer decisions." 


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[infographic] |The ultimate online reputation monitoring guide | Trackur

[infographic] |The ultimate online reputation monitoring guide | Trackur | Digital & Mobile Marketing Toolkit |

"61% of Businesses monitor their online reputation on a regular basis." 

sophiedesc's insight:

1. Identify Your Reputations (Businesses / Individuals) 

2. Quantify Your Audience 

3. Understand Your Goals 

4. Specify Your Needs 

5. How Will You Monitor? 

6. Who Will Monitor the Conversations? 

7. How Will Your React? 

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