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Content Marketing Simplified - What You Need To Do

Content Marketing Simplified - What You Need To Do | digital marketing strategy |


This post was written by Jayme Thomason for Content Marketing Institute


I think we're all probably suffering from content marketing overwhelm?


I thought this article had some good  ideas to cut the complexity.


Here are a few things that caught my attention:


Traffic sources This tells us from which social media spaces, email campaigns, or websites most of our traffic is coming from.


****Increase your engagement in the ones that are sending the most traffic.


Keywords What words are people using when they find your content in search engines?


****Make sure you are using them in your content on a frequent basis.


Most popular content  This will tell you which pages on your website or posts on your blog are getting the most traffic.


****Whatever they are, create more content on those subjects or figure out how to repurpose that content for other uses.




"If Leonardo Da Vinci was a content marketer today, I think he might say something like,


“Content marketing is only as valuable as the people who consume it deem it to be.” Behind the scenes, our processes can be as complex or as simple as we choose to make them."


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