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Social Media Storytelling: Is Advertising better than Marketing?

Social Media Storytelling: Is Advertising better than Marketing? | digital marketing strategy |

"Social Media is all about storytelling, or so the “guru’s” will tell you. That’s when they aren’t telling you that it’s all about relationships. Ok so I am supposed to tell stories to people so they will “like” me as a brand and that will create a relationship? Actually that is a pretty fair description of the way social media should work. It can’t be about a relationship without there first being something to attract attention. Back in the day, as people are want to say around here (Texas), we used to practice a principle called AIDA - Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. That has, for some people, fallen out of favor, but I have no idea why. It works, and it works at all levels of human interaction - which is afterall what Social Media is supposed to be about."


I like this article because like others, it shows us how little advertising and marketing has changed over the years.  And that the advent of social media hasn't changed the basic principles of marketing, advertising, or storytelling either.


Yet why should YOU read it?  Because mastering the principles of AIDA and storytelling are all you really need to pay attention to.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed these days trying to grapple with all the technology wonders of the internet, social media, digital storytelling, transmedia storytelling, etc.--  plus the effects of these on marketing for businesses of all sizes.  Ay yi yi.  But really -- just stick to the knitting of AIDA and storytelling to get ahead.


There are videos to view from the 1970s and today that prove the author's point.  The author's final words are that storytelling has always been at the center of advertising and marketing -- and always will be. 


Thank you Gregg Morris @greggvm for sharing this article with me.

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Mae Combridge's curator insight, September 25, 2014 11:09 PM

Food for thought. I do think because of the change in trends of media and technology advertising and marketing has really broadened and there is a gap in some companies because they can't keep up. But really using basic campaigns and techniques a campaign can use social media as a platform as opposed to a whole new advertising sector.

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