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6 Types of Toxic CEOs that are Destined for Failure [Infographic] via @donhornsby

6 Types of Toxic CEOs that are Destined for Failure [Infographic] via @donhornsby | digital marketing strategy |

The CEO bears the most responsibility for a company’s success or failure. Take a look at this infographic which details six types of toxic CEOs that are destined for failure.

Via donhornsby, John van den Brink
donhornsby's curator insight, August 11, 10:50 AM

(from the article): Being the CEO is a delicate balancing act between giving the customers what they say they want, giving the customers what they really need, making bold decisions, and holding on to the company’s core values. A CEO can generate more press through his actions than a quarterly report ever could. Therefore I dare every CEO out there to ask him/herself one question, what type of CEO do you want to be?

Bettina Gifford's curator insight, August 11, 5:50 PM

Which CEO traits set you up for success not failure? 

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