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1,000,000 people and businesses are now using!

1,000,000 people and businesses are now using! | digital marketing strategy |
Interest-based content curation was only a vision 2 years ago when we launched: in a post Web 2.0 world, we felt that more and more we are the content we publish. Whether we liked it or not, we would all need to become media - a problem for busy professionals who don’t have time or inspiration for that and whose primary expertise is often not to be a content publisher.

Since then, publishing-by-curation rapidly turned into an important trend as 1,000,000 freelance professionals, community managers, content marketers, educators, knowledge managers, thought leaders, and more are now using to demonstrate and share their professional expertise, develop visibility for their small or mid-sized businesses or to make the company they work for smarter. Continue reading →

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At first I was intrigued. At 1M, I can't believe my eyes.

Laurie DesAutels's curator insight, April 9, 6:25 PM

This is definitely worth being a pinned post! Check out more tips

Laurie DesAutels's comment, April 9, 6:30 PM
It is well deserved recognition.
Official AndreasCY's curator insight, April 10, 5:51 PM

Best tool around! Definitely deserve it's success!

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