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10 Steps To Curate Your Social Media Content With for Increased Value - Social Media Pearls

10 Steps To Curate Your Social Media Content With for Increased Value - Social Media Pearls | digital marketing strategy |
Curate your social media content with to increase the value to your audience. crawls the social web to enable the curator within.

Why Curate Your Social Media Content With ?

First, Are you asking the following questions: “What is social media curation?” and “How does it add value?” Are you like many business owners trying to get your head around curation and the associated benefits? Well I have come to realize, you are not alone!

In an earlier post I defined curation. In this post I would like us to revisit that definition and share how value can be gained by demonstrating how to curate your social media content with

 Reminder of What’s Social Media Curation?

With the exponential growth of social networks and blogs, the amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming and time consuming. Consequently, the role of the social media curator has become increasingly more attractive. Social media curation is when you filter, select, review and reposition quality content on the web for a specific audience and/or topic.

How Makes Social Media Curation Easy

First, let me share a story on my introduction to I wrote a blogpost on “storytelling”. I received a trackback to I followed it to find a curated post by Karen Dietz sharing her perspective and summary of my post with my link still intact. I used this new platform to thank her and started following her web-magazine (Just Story It). The outcome: Karen gained a new targeted follower and I gained new traffic to my site. Another curator, Martin Gysler did exactly the same; I really liked his posts and I started to follow him but this time I joined! is a semi-automated curation platform. crawls the web according to a pre-determined criteria and then allows the curator to review and reposition the filtered material prior to publishing. This repositioning could be in the form of contextual reorganization and/or commentary of the material to provide an overall perspective. Once the material has been curated, allows the curator to publish the material in an attractive web-magazine by topic. This web-magazine organizes each curated article into “sticky posts” on a digital interactive interface as shown in the examples below.

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That art of picking one piece of content to share as opposed to another is really expressive of the individual as if they had been the original author.

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