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15 Theses About the Digital Future

15 Theses About the Digital Future | digital marketing strategy |

The world is moving rapidly towards ubiquitous connectivity that will further change how and where people associate, gather and share information.

Via Alex Grech, Edward Chenard, Fred Zimny
Alex Grech's curator insight, March 22, 5:04 PM

2,558 experts and technology builders predict where we will stand by the year 2025 in our relationship with the Internet.   15 hopeful and not so hopeful theses on 21st century connectivity.

David Hain's curator insight, March 24, 4:30 AM

The tools are nearly there, but the mindset has a long way to go.

Lee JungSoo's curator insight, April 5, 9:52 AM

15 things that will happen in the future.. Internet will be like 'electricity' and it will become 'internets'.

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