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Turning Old Content Into New Links

Turning Old Content Into New Links | digital marketing strategy |
It’s no secret that in order to build good links, you typically need to build good content. The problem is creating good content takes time and resources, and after the piece has gone live and been promoted, it’s often forgotten about. What a waste! One great way to put that content to good use and […]
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In a rush
  • One great way to put that content to good use and build new links is to revisit and repurpose.
  • Before you can start repurposing your content, you have to identify what content should be repurposed.
  • There are a number of ways to repurpose content but there are a few easy routes to take if you break your content down by type.
  • A beautiful slide deck can result in a new piece of content both off-site and on-site, and creates a new way to generate links.
  • Just because you were busy repurposing content and building sweet new links, doesn’t mean you weren’t creating any new content in the meantime.
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