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Increasing the Click Factor | Social Media Today

Increasing the Click Factor | Social Media Today | digital marketing strategy |
As a writer who, on a daily basis, competes with premium and traditional news outlets for readers’ time (oh, and Buzzfeed too), I’m keen to learn how I can get you to read and share my story. Arm-twisting and blackmail aside, I recognize one of the more critical things that gets consumers of digital content to click and share is an exciting headline.
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The message is crystal clear: Search is social.

 It all starts by hooking your readers’ interest with a dazzling  headline.  Moving to creating content that generates traffic and ranks for your target search terms, it’s not just a matter of optimizing your blog posts for the right keywords. Your content must be intriguing enough for your audience to click those little Shareaholic icons and spread your content to their social networks. 

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