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16 Body Language Tips to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication

16 Body Language Tips to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication | digital marketing strategy |

The body language used in different situations will be different, such as when talking to the boss and when talking to a girl or guy you are interested in. These are some body language tips that allow you to improve your communication skills as well as achieve success in life easily.

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malek's insight:

#Making eye contact not staring: is one of the hardest skills to learn. Give it more training time 

Graeme Reid's curator insight, February 3, 6:10 PM

Some useful tips to communicate more powerfully.

Authentis Formations's curator insight, March 13, 4:38 AM

De bons conseils !

Richard Lock's curator insight, March 13, 4:59 AM

Think of reading body language as a detective trying to solve a crime. No one piece of evidence on its own is worth much. However, when several pieces of evidence point in the same direction - start paying attention.

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