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Coca-Cola's Bottle is Half Full [cool Infographic & forgotten SMM]

Coca-Cola's Bottle is Half Full [cool Infographic & forgotten SMM] | digital marketing strategy |
With rising unit volume sales in emerging markets, Coca-Cola’s third quarter earnings were in line with analysts’ estimates, despite the decline in net revenues as a result of currency fluctuations

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, massimo facchinetti
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 31, 2013 6:12 AM

Loved this extensive analysis of some very positive Coca-Cola results. Well said here:

"Coca-Cola did not give any guidance for the next quarter, and said that its overall strategy to grow in emerging markets while embracing the shift to healthier beverages remains unchanged.

The company also mentioned that it has repurchased almost $2.8 billion worth of stock so far in 2013, and will buyback a further half a billion dollars’ worth of shares by the end of the year. Share repurchases in 2013 represent almost 2% of the company’s market cap."



Any company that buys its stock back, increases unit sales, has a well articulated and better-executed strategy is one to follow. What this analysis left out is how GREAT Coke is getting at Social Media.

Coca Cola's consistent social creativity is re-contextualizing an "old line" brand. Steve Jobs was dismissive of "sugar water" when he hired Scully away from Pepsi.

Social media provides ways to create new conversations about old brands. "New conversations" keep brands alive and relevant. In fact, of the two, Apple vs. Coca Cola, my social marketing innovation vote would go to sugared water ;)M.


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