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You're In a Boring Company? Get out of the rut with storytelling.

You're In a Boring Company? Get out of the rut with storytelling. | digital marketing strategy |
This is a story of how we become adults and get lost into the business stuffs. We forget enjoying life, making and listening stories. This is one reason why com

Via Karen Dietz, Os Ishmael
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Karen Dietz's curator insight, December 26, 2013 12:19 PM

I ran across this SlideShare piece today and it made me smile. It is short and sweet and to the point. It explains why we in business typically avoid stories -- and how to stop.

I plan on sharing this with my MBA students because it makes a very valid point. So grab this piece and get over any hesitations you have about business storytelling!

PS: There is an ad at the end for the company who put together this presentation, just so you know.

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Mirjana Podvorac's curator insight, December 27, 2013 6:22 AM

Dear Karen, Who wants to be boring, and then again, who still believes in fairy tales; children, teachers…, not the people who are good with numbers and need to make important decisions! A few days ago I was told by my superior that I still have a lot to learn, that I seem to be living in an alternative universe where people still WANT to listen to fairy tales. Well, as helpless and childish it may seem, I do believe that you cannot take people for granted, you cannot patronise them in order to “convert” them, you need to try to understand them and their needs or they will be “converted” by the ones who do, or, at least are trying to. Thank you for your scoop and your comment. Good luck with your MBA students, they are lucky to have you!

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