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Singapore, Kindness and a Story Game-A Biz Can Do This Too!

Singapore, Kindness and a Story Game-A Biz Can Do This Too! | digital marketing strategy |
Kindness is in everyone. The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wants to encourage everyone to start, show and share kindness.

Via Karen Dietz
malek's insight:

Karen Dietz keeps hammering this fact:  our product, idea, or personal brand, is dead on arrival.Without a compelling story. Here's another inspiring example from Singapore

Karen Dietz's curator insight, October 16, 2013 6:58 PM

Right on the heels of the last article I curated about the future of storytelling comes this article about how the Singapore Kindness Movement is using a storytelling app that's a game. The purpose is to promote being kind, gracious and friendly in communal spaces.

This is exactly wha the Wild (?) Future of Storytelling article was mentioning: stories will make the world a better place.

This is a very short article but delightful. The stories in the app are based on fairy tales. And each story is interactive.  Sounds like fun.

For businesses, it begs the question about how you want to use stories, and in what innovative ways can you do so? Would it fit with your Vision/Purpose to create a story app in a similar vein to Singapore's app? Hmmmm.

Many thanks to colleague Evelyn Clark @corpstory for pointing me to this post!

This review was written by Karen Dietz for the Just Story It curation on business storytelling at 

Alessandro Rea's curator insight, October 17, 2013 5:10 AM

SINGAPORE, 7 March 2013 – Students and parents will have something to look forward to this term break as the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) announced today the launch of its first mobile game application, Kindly Ever After. Through a series of tightly-woven storylines, players are reminded of the importance of being kind, gracious and friendly in communal spaces.


Held at Orchard Xchange, the launch attracted lively participation of commuters, many of whom were working adults and students. Despite the morning rush, commuters stopped by the Kindly Ever After game counter to try out the game.


Kindly Ever After is the brainchild of four students from the Singapore Polytechnic. With Diploma in Games Design & Development, Tng Bing Rong, 19, Chng Yang Da, 19, Jack Kew Zi Jian, 19, and Shawn Cheah Chenxuan, 19, drew inspiration from the timeless closing phrase, “happily ever after”, in fairy tales.  The game features four animated stories that are real-life depictions of ungracious acts often seen onboard public transport, at hawker centres, on public roads, and in cyber spaces. Players will first be engaged in the tales of graciousness before embarking on their quest to eradicate ungracious acts committed by characters in the game.


In each stage, the player will have to “fire” the kind spirit towards the unkind spirit to transform the latter into a kind soul. As the game progresses, obstacles get increasingly challenging at each level. The aim is to transform unkind spirits into kindhearted souls to create a friendly and gracious environment.


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