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Your Brand Is the Exhaust Fume of the Engine of Your Life

Your Brand Is the Exhaust Fume of the Engine of Your Life | digital marketing strategy |
If you want people to be impressed with you, build something awesome.

Via Karen Dietz
malek's insight:

Awesome is inevitable for success. I found this article inspiring

Karen Dietz's curator insight, July 6, 2013 2:51 PM

Here is what I love about this article -- in all the hype about branding and brand storytelling, it's easy to forget about the essential ingredients that generate a solid brand. We get lost in trying to figure out what our 'brand story' is, social media techniques, and cool digital tools.

But a brand story (actually, a brand story is a collection of many stories that characterize your business) is made up of other essentials first. Like what you -- as a small business or a big enterprise -- care about, and how you work with others.

As the author of this post, Nilofer Merchant says, "Yes, we are in the middle of a vast sea change in which social can put the power of connection to work to solve meaningful problems. But in order to do that more meaningful work, we need to recognize what is holding us back. In a world of "personal brand" and "leadership brand" and "personal reinvention" and so forth, we should not forget: the real signal is the work itself, and the social signaling is just its echo."

Go read her other insights so you can gather together the stuff that great stories are made of.

Terri Pawer's curator insight, July 8, 2013 10:53 AM

The most striking point to me was "While what people think of us does matter, what matters much more is our ability to do and deliver. That's what makes the ultimate difference in the world. And that's what reputations are really built on. That's what will draw people to you."  

Talk is cheap.  Walk the talk - execute on your promise and build your brand. 

Karen Dietz's comment, July 24, 2013 1:25 PM
Malek and Terri, so glad you got a lot out of this article. Have an awesome rest of the week!
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