Cars that can monitor your health | digital marketing strategy |

Is there are doctor in the car? It’s highly unlikely, but with the advent of digital health applications and monitoring systems, the day of the diagnostic dashboard doctor may not be too far off.


Ford’s SYNC voice-activated technology embodied in its latest Fiesta is in the vanguard of these developments. SYNC allows drivers to access their smartphone applications on the move using voice control – the apps are displayed on a dashboard screen.


A growing number of those apps are to do with health. Last year, medical and healthcare was the third fastest-growing application category, with more than 17,000 available and, according to a Frost and Sullivan report, the market is expected to be worth $392 million (£243.4 million) by 2015, with more than 500 million users.


The first commercial SYNC health application went live early last year, via the Apple Store, with an air-pollution, asthma-alert and pollen-alert apps.

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