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Social Media and Brands: 10 Charts You Need | Heidi Cohen

Social Media and Brands: 10 Charts You Need | Heidi Cohen | digital marketing strategy |

Do you know where your customers engage on social media, what they’re doing, and how they engage? More importantly, do you know how they view your brand’s social media engagement? If you’re like many marketers, you don’t have a clue. To provide marketing insights into how consumers view brands on social media, here’s analysis of research from Technorati Media, which gathered input from over 1,200 customers for their 2013 Digital Influence Report, and comScore’s, 2013 US Digital Future report....

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Linda Dap's curator insight, February 19, 2013 3:09 AM

Een analyse van onderzoek onder 1200 klanten voor US Digital Influence Report 2013 en comScore 2013, US Digital Future Report. Goed om mee te nemen in je eigen online strategie. 

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