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5 Ways On How To Use Content Curation On Your Blog By Susan Gunelius

5 Ways On How To Use Content Curation On Your Blog By Susan Gunelius | digital marketing strategy |

This is an interesting and useful article written by Susan Gunelius to curate content on your blog.
Here is an excerpt from article:

"You can curate content that you think your audience would find value in, add your own commentary, and publish it on your blog. As long as you don't plagiarize, break any laws, publish duplicate content, or fail to attribute the source with a backlink to the original content, then content curation is a viable way to bring interesting content to your audience and increase your blog post publishing schedule.
Following are five easy ways to curate content on your blog in a useful, legal and ethical way.

1) Publish Editorialized Content that You've Curated:
It's important to understand the difference between content aggregation, content syndication, and content curation before you can effectively curate content to publish on your blog.

Here are some simple explanations of each:
- Content Aggregation: When you gather links to content and provide nothing else but those links in a single place, you're using content aggregation.
- Content Syndication: Syndicated content is aggregated and redistributed (in whole or in part) for consumption or publishing through a third party.
- Content Curation: When you review content from a variety of sources, gather links to those sources, share descriptions of that content, add your own commentary to that content, and publish all of those pieces in a single location, you're curating content. While aggregation and syndication are primarily automated processes, curation is not. True content curation requires human intelligence, interpretation, and intervention.

2) Publish Curated Round-up Blog Posts:
You could publish a weekly round-up post where you share links and descriptions of great content from multiple sources about a specific topic. You can even add your own brief commentary with each link.

3) Publish Slideshows to Highlight Curated Content from Multiple Sources:
Slideshows are visually appealing and can boost page views for your blog because visitors have to click through each page in the slideshow to see all of them. If your audience likes slideshows, they're great for sharing curated content.

4) Embed Curated Content on Your Blog:
There are a variety of tools that can streamline the content curation process, and some of those tools enable you to embed the content you curate on your blog. Typically, the formatting is done for you, so the process is quick and easy.

5) Curate Content into an Online Video:
You could create a video that includes your insights added about a single piece of curated content or multiple pieces of curated content, publish it to your YouTube channel, and embed it anywhere on your blog. Just be sure to include the URLs to all of your sources within the video and in the written description of the video.

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Romila De Munshi's comment, February 6, 2013 9:19 AM
Informative article
Romila De Munshi's comment, February 6, 2013 9:19 AM
Informative article
Asil's comment, February 23, 2013 4:02 PM
oh boy ... looks like the smamographers have found Scoop-It. @ Timothy. Suggest you report 'francisca' to Scoopit and delete their post.
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