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13 Scary-Ass Content Marketing Stats

13 Scary-Ass Content Marketing Stats | digital marketing strategy |
It’s Friday the 13th, last night was the full moon, Mercury’s in retrograde…I’m scared. Be wary, friends. There are some crazy rhythms in the universe right now. And I don’t just mean at yo…

Via Neil Ferree
Neil Ferree's curator insight, June 14, 3:15 PM

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interaction with the enterprise without interacting with a human. (Source)

It's should be pretty obvious that how you manage your social media sales funnel should become a KPI well before 2020.

APIntd's curator insight, June 16, 3:17 AM

Just in case ?

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The Key Roles Of Social Media In SEO

The Key Roles Of Social Media In SEO | digital marketing strategy |
Business Record The Key Roles Of Social Media In SEO Social Barrel SMBs may find it hard to realize and measure the effectiveness or success of a social media marketing strategy at first, but they will soon discover that even veteran users of old...

Via Naomi Assaraf, Jesús Hernández
Marilyn Moran's curator insight, January 30, 10:59 AM

@Neil Ferree is the expert on all things social & SEO. You should follow him if you don't.

Nine0Media's curator insight, February 3, 9:34 PM

I like this chart and we at #Nine0Media agree, Social Media is a huge influencse if not anther effective form of #SEO #DIYSEO #SocialMediaTools

Neil Ferree's comment, February 13, 1:38 PM
Curious how you came across my MindMap and decided to use it in this Scooped story? Its kinda dated but still relative to social content marketing → right?
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How To Manage Your Social Media Presence

Whether you are seeking a new Job Opportunity on LinkedIn or you are a small business owner or a Social SEO Consultant wanting to showcase your service offerings, its as easy as ever for a prospective client to socially vet you in a matter of minutes.

Follow this blueprint to better manage your social media presence so your prospective clients will find your social link wheel appealing, compelling and more likely to engage you via one of your top social media channels.

Its best to do these search queries signed into Google and Bing accounts and in the incognito mode so you can minimize the personalization results to determine which of your social media channels are your most influential social channels.

Via Neil Ferree
Neil Ferree's curator insight, June 12, 9:47 AM

If you want to better Manage Your Social Media Presence the first thing you want to do is find out what your prospective customer is gong to see when they Google your personal brand (your name) and your business brand (your company name) and then follow this social media blueprint to optimize your social link wheel. 

When you do this, you will find that the leads your social content generates will convert faster than if you didn't use this process.

Click Here if you want to set up a (free 30 minute) Google Hangout to discuss this process in more detail.

Bill Hubbell's curator insight, July 3, 2:29 PM

How to better manage your Social  Science mage, tips by Neil Ferree, a G+ Guru,  and a man that I have learned so much from.