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How I Use To Find Content Marketing's Over / Under - @Scenttrail

How I Use To Find Content Marketing's Over / Under - @Scenttrail | digital marketing strategy |

Visual Marketing Over/Under or How I Use
Friends like +Phil Buckley and +Mark Traphagen are curious about how and why I use This G+ post shares a detailed analysis of how helps reduce #contentmarketing risks, provides fast feedback to influence social media marketing and creates a safe envrionment to test assumptions, create validated learning and learn fast. 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
malek's insight:

Thought provoking discussion: Why

What models work, how to spot trends, how to employ analytics....

(No spoilers, #must read)

Ally Greer's curator insight, March 19, 8:41 PM

We're always finding different ways to use, mostly coming from the intelligent community of curators that has manifested itself over the last few years. Specialist @Martin (Marty) Smith wrote an explanation of how he's using to gauge interest in potential original content. When his posts on do well, he is able to see what his audience likes, and create content along the same vein.

He also explains some of the SEO benefits seen by other Scoopiteers like @Brian Yanish -

Read Marty's post to find new creative ways to measure the potential success of content using and share your thoughts in the comments!

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, March 19, 9:06 PM
Thanks for the share @Ally Greer. Don't like the RISK FACTORS without since each post puts modeled and valuable websites at risk. Better to test with the "fastest feedback loop in the west" :). Marty
LKGayton's curator insight, March 20, 7:52 AM influences social media marketing and more...

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25 Awesome Social Media Tools (Your Brand Should Be Using) #INFOGRAPHIC

25 Awesome Social Media Tools (Your Brand Should Be Using) #INFOGRAPHIC | digital marketing strategy |
25 Awesome Social Media Tools (Your Brand Should Be Using) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Via Brian Yanish -
malek's insight:
malek's insight:

A new day, a new tool, and you have to be on top of the market. The categorization of tools is one more step towards "the social media science"

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Is the Digital World Killing Creativity? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is the Digital World Killing Creativity? [INFOGRAPHIC] | digital marketing strategy |
Our age of digital disruption has opened a cornucopia of creative endeavors, but the ability to multitask may also hinder creativity.
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26 Advanced Digital Painting Tutorials To Greatly Elevate Your Art

26 Advanced Digital Painting Tutorials To Greatly Elevate Your Art | digital marketing strategy |
With the advancement of tablet and computer technologies these years, digital painting industry has entered its brightest era where every bit of the artist’s idea is possible to be constructed in such a way that it can be improved or...

Via Ana Cristina Pratas
malek's insight:

What  great tutorials for the visually enhanced.

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Infographic: How Social Media Is Changing The World

Infographic: How Social Media Is Changing The World | digital marketing strategy |

We know that social media so pervasive that it affects many aspects of our lives, but this infographic thoroughly examines the impact that social media has made. 

Created by the folks at My Life, this infographic charts the shift in power in the music industry as well as the fact that brand posts on Facebook reach their target audience within half-an-hour. 

Other tidbits include the fact that 89% of employers have hired people through LinkedIn, and that professors also use social media to educate their students. 

View some highlights of the infographic at the article link or view it in its entirety here.

Via Lauren Moss
Tye Plews's curator insight, October 15, 2013 8:55 PM

With the influence that social media has in the 21st century, it is important to understand the benefits and negative aspects that it can bring upon education. In regards to positive influences, it allows students to be able to contact teachers with ease (not so much in primary education, but at university level), and allows the sharing of information to be easily accessed. However some negative aspects could include harassment and safety or this information being exploited. It's important for students to grow up with knowledge around the use of ICTs and the use of social media but more importantly to use it properly.

John Thomas's curator insight, February 12, 5:44 AM
Infographic: How Social Media Is Changing The World
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Just Story It - Scoops

Just Story It - Scoops | digital marketing strategy |

The best articles from across the web that I can find on using stories and storytelling in business.

I've chosen them because they actually make a contribution to our knowledge and wisdom about stories, show us how to apply stories to growing our business, or give valuable how-to tips.


HOW TO FIND MATERIAL? Click on the Tags tab above, and then click on one of the tags.


I may occassionally review an article that I think is problematic as a way to educate us all, although most I will simply pass over.  If you wonder if I've seen an article that is not included here, send me a message and I'll respond.

I hope you find many great insights and tips here. Many thanks for visiting and enjoy the articles!


And I hope you will also visit my website & take the free Story IQ assessment so you can see how well developed your storytelling skills and knowledge is: 

Via Karen Dietz
ManufacturingStories's curator insight, September 7, 2013 5:15 AM

Karen is dedicated to the art of Storytelling as a key tool in running a business or any other type of endeavor.  Here at we fully support this art form as the best way to generate positive and effective change.  Thanks Karen for all of your dedicated and tireless work! It's a tood Story!!

Thorsten Strauss's comment, September 9, 2013 5:15 AM
Hello Karen. "Here are the best articles from across the web that I can find on using stories and storytelling in business." Please scoop a new link to these articles. The link you put in the comments only points at your scoop page. Or was the message that your scoop page IS the collection of the great articles? A bit unclear. (PS: I suggested a scoop for you today)
Karen Dietz's comment, September 11, 2013 5:52 PM
Hi Thorsten -- the link needs fixing and I'm trying to do get that done. Thanks for your patience. The link should actually be to the entire curation. This post is a permanent post that acts as a kind of editorial page. The idea is when people want to direct others to the entire collection, they can scoop/re-scoop this page which should lead people to the site. Thanks for the comment and I'll work on clearing up any confusion! And many thanks for the suggestion, which I thought was fabulous.