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They are the backbone of business and are a key aspect of our own lives. Whether we like it or not, relationships have shaped us as individuals. Whether it’s the relationships we had with our parents or classmates as kids or the relationships we’ve developed with peers and colleagues throughout our careers – They’ve shaped us. They’ve impacted our biases, our opinions, our beliefs and who we are as a whole.

It’s shocking to some people to think that you can build a strong relationship with someone through the internet. We all know that online dating has taken off over the past decade but that’s not the type of relationship I’m talking about. I’m talking about relationships that are completely professional and/or platonic.

Over the years, I’ve established many relationships solely through forums, Twitter, email and Facebook. I’ve connected with people all over the world and recognize that these relationships have given me new insight, new opportunities and new perspectives. Here are three dead simple tips that will help you in developing meaningful and authentic relationships through Twitter:

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