4 Ways Gamification Is Shaking Up Social Media Management | Digital Marketing Power | Scoop.it

Gamification is taking the world by storm. It’s been a mainstay of Facebook’s revenue strategy for years now as users make candy creations in Candy Crush Saga and take care of livestock in the hit game FarmVille 2. You’ve probably even participated unknowingly at the grocery store when you use the grocer’s coupon app to maximize your savings percentage and get a little thrill from seeing that you’ve saved 20 percent.

Enterprises increasingly are using gamification as part of their social media management plan to create a space where employees, customers and business partners can interact with business processes in an engaged and fun way in order to meet bottom line goals.

But what can it do for your online content strategy? Here are four tips for implementing a gamification plan to encourage engagement with your content that results in increased reach across social channels.