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Rescooped by Mick Say from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

10 Ways to Convert More Customers With Psychology [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 Ways to Convert More Customers With Psychology [INFOGRAPHIC] | Digital Marketing for Business |

This article is by Gregory Ciotti for Social Fresh, along with an infographic with data that contains some very important information.

(credits at the bottom).


Understanding your customer from a psyhological point of view will help you to engage with them, serve them better and potentially build a loyal customer base.


Here are a few highlights:


Understand the 3 Types of Buyers


 Help customers break through "Action Paralysis" by setting minimums


for example: remind your customers how easy it is to get started (No payments for the first month)


 Understand the 3 types of buyers - 

By understanding the psychology of these 3 types of buyers, you can package your products, articulate your message in ways that speak to their listening


**15% spendthrifts

**24% tightwads

**61% average spenders


Use Urgency the smart way


**Urgency and scarcity are known to drive up sales, but according to research from Howard Leventhal, people are prone to block out urgent messages if the are't given information on how to follow up.

More data on this.....


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Curation, Social Business & Beyond"


Read article and see infographic here: []


Infographic by HelpScout

Data by Gregory Ciotti

Via janlgordon
Rescooped by Mick Say from AtDotCom Social media!

The 7 Best Places For Online Education [Infographic]

The 7 Best Places For Online Education [Infographic] | Digital Marketing for Business |

There’s a whole new language being developed around the hottest trend in education: online learning. From MOOCs (like a cow would say it but with a hard K at the end) to OpenCourseWare to ‘21st century learning‘ … there’s a lot of new terms you should know about.


Read more at:


Via Gust MEES, Ivo Nový, John van den Brink
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