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Rescooped by Katelyn DeVan from Integrated Brand Communications!

Infographic: 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 - Marketing Technology Blog

Infographic: 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013 - Marketing Technology Blog | Digital Marketing |

This is a great summary of many of the trends that we’ve been hammering away  on with our clients – authorship, content, mobile and social media are key trends. I  might add video as a fifth, it’s becoming commonplace on virtually every site  and it’s an incredible way to take a difficult topic and visualize it for your  audience. Combine that with a personal touch and you’ve nailed it.

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for  2013 lists the top priorities for marketers in 2013 and chalks out a road  map for lead generation. Its visual representations shed light on market trends  and projections for the next few years. Figures on mobile advertising revenue  indicate that from $9.6 billion in 2012 the revenue is set to reach $24.5  billion by 2016.

A great reinforcement of some of the growth and strategies that your business  should be deploying:



Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.
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The Breakthrough of B2B Video Marketing |

The Breakthrough of B2B Video Marketing | | Digital Marketing |
B2B video marketing is on the rise as businesses look for ways to create and repurpose content that engages their audience on multiple platforms and networks.




IDG Research Services conducted a study to see how tech buyers are leveraging video to advance their decision making process when it comes to new purchases. The study and resulting infographic indicate that 95% of B2B tech buyers watch tech-related videos and that this correlates with purchase behaviors (Tweet this!).  But, why are tech buyers actually watching these videos? They want to:

Learn how to use particular products (61%)Find information on products they’re interested in buying (58%)Find how-to content (57%)Get product reviews (54%)Stay on the leading edge of technology (52%)


Creating a B2B marketing video doesn’t require as much budget or time as you may initially think. Easy ways to get started are turning slideshows, presentations and in-person demos into videos.

Via marketingIO
Katelyn DeVan's insight:

As a Digital B2B Marketer, I find this trend extremely relevant escpecially in the electronics manufacturing industry. Videos are now allowing businesses to showcase their services in a more personal, and engaging way - where we have struggled historically by using traditional, and often "textual" methods.

marketingIO's curator insight, May 23, 2013 7:10 AM

We beg to differ on budget/time associated with B2B video, as that is a function of production value (which none of us feel the need to sacrifice). Outside of that, we have repeatedly said that this is a new found territory for you. Consider this scoop with the adjacent post regarding video as a viable replacement to TV commercials!

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Integrating Digital Marketing & PR – Breaking Down Silos Through Content

Integrating Digital Marketing & PR – Breaking Down Silos Through Content | Digital Marketing |

For a recent presentation at a corporate communications and PR conference, I polled my network of digital marketing and PR pros working client-side about the most pressing questions they’re dealing with when it comes to integrating Marketing and Public Relations. Since we’ve been working in the digital marketing and PR space at TopRank Marketing for well over 10 years, it was interesting to see the diverse feedback from companies of various sizes and industries.


But several themes revealed themselves that I think our readers will relate to. Thanks to feedback from Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications professionals like Corinne Kovalsky of Ratheon, Susan Beatty of Bremer Financial Corporation, Frank Strong of LexisNexis, Lesly Cardec from Randstad US, Sarah Skerik from PRNewswire and Pam Didner of Intel, it became clear that one of the key questions organizations are facing is the need to break down silos between marketing and PR....

Via Jeff Domansky
CHEN SUN's curator insight, August 11, 2013 9:36 PM

This articl illustrartes the integration of digital marketing and PR approaches and ephasis on the importance of contents.

The author offered several basic things for this. First of all, PR and communications can generate contents by many ways like press release, blog posts and so on. It is also importan for contents to exist in digital marketing to create demand.

Secondly, align goals of PR and digital marketing. It's pretty much the same from what we learned in week 3 lecture that we got a lot participants in IMC process like marketer, advertising agencies and so on. For this article they are PR and digital marketing agencies so it is the same rule that you need to work together on your goals whether it is increase sales or exposure or brand awareness.

Thirdly, marketing and PR can help each other and they have common grounds. These common grounds are massageing and storytelling, content planning, content placement and so on.

Lastely, all the goals aligning and common grounds are helping as framework for the business to build a case. Once all these components intergrated together successfully, the business can achieve its goals.

Zongwu Chen's comment, August 21, 2013 5:21 AM
I agree with Lee Odden, Digital marketing is very useful nowadays; it closes the distance of communication between customers and us through email, cellular phones, social networks etc. these advantages help us attention to the customer, address customer references in the past, make every customer feels welcome. And we can measure the quantitative business or service results by exactly who and when they give us feedback. it is a valuable addition to our business and helps us achieve more for less.
Linda Huynh's comment, August 22, 2013 3:28 PM
If you think about the world and what the world is surrounded by, in this technological generation, you will come to realise that digital marketing is really realistic and really useful in today's society. This article provides an understanding between digital marketing and PR, closing the gap when it comes to communication, attending to customers needs in faster response, plus looking for reference from the past when needed. The relationship between PR and digital marketing can offer something beautiful, achieving goals, increasing sales, extra exposure and so on. Having both common grounds when it comes to content planning, storytelling con,tent placement and so old, they both can strive together and achieve goals sooner.