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Digital Literacy - Education
Digital literacy in education
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How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Students Use Technology [INFOGRAPHIC] | Digital Literacy - Education |
It’s clear that today’s students rely heavily on electronic devices even when they’re not incorporated in the classroom. In one survey of college students, 38% said they couldn’t even go 10 minutes without switching on some sort of electronic device.


But how students are using their devices, how technology is affecting their educational experience, and what effect it has on their well-being are questions that are harder to answer. In the infographic below, online higher education database has summed up some of the existing research on these points.

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34 Stunning Infographics To Understand The World Of Social Media

34 Stunning Infographics To Understand The World Of Social Media | Digital Literacy - Education |

Smashingapps shows us how the world spends its time online.




Infographics is a new way of showing information through graphical representation. We recently posted some interesting posts on infographics that you can also find on the net.


Great demonstration on how infographics can increase your understanding of the interlinking world of social media and it’s impact on the global internet users.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Media and Beyond"


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