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the difference between groups in the use of technology , digital literacy, technology literacy, information literacy, information gathering
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Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from ICT!

Keiichi Matsuda: Augmented Hyper-Reality

Keiichi Matsuda: Augmented Hyper-Reality | digital divide information |

Watch the designer’s films that depict a future in which a virtual layer of data is a continual presence in our lives 

For our latest issue we met designer and filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda, who creates films that depict a future in which our everyday lives are densely stuffed with information via a digital overlay, in an effort to spark debates about how technology can and should shape our world.

“Now, everyone has a camera in their phone, and can produce and distribute their own content,” he says. “I was thinking about how that could be applied to architecture, to the creation of space. What if an ordinary person could not only customise their own house, but their own street?"

Via Lauren Moss, Suvi Salo
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Scooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton!

A Guardian guide to metadata

A Guardian guide to metadata | digital divide information |
Metadata is information generated as you use technology, but what exactly is it? Explore some of the data collected through activities you do every day
Bonnie Bracey Sutton's insight:

Take the time to learn about metada. Important.

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