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Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

These Amazing Maps Show the True Diversity of Africa

These Amazing Maps Show the True Diversity of Africa | digital divide information |

"African countries are also quite diverse from an ethnic standpoint. As the Washington Post's Max Fisher noted back in 2013, the world's 20 most ethnically diverse countries are all African, partially because European colonial powers divvied up sections of the continent with little regard for how the residents would have organized the land themselves. This map above shows Africa's ethnographic regions as identified by George Murdock in his 1959 ethnography of the continent."


Tags: Africa, colonialism, borders, political, language, ethnicity.

Via Seth Dixon
Madison & Morgan's curator insight, April 8, 1:40 PM

This article explains Africa's area and geography. African countries are one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. European colonial powers divided up sections of the continent which caused the residents to organize land themselves.

Jackson and Marduk's curator insight, April 9, 1:04 AM

Social: This map shows the ethnic diversity found in Africa. The cultures are all unique, and often conflicting. The regions are smallest and most abundant near the middle, and get larger and more scarce near the top and bottom. Although many people think all Africans are the same, it would be similar to say that Americans and Canadians are the same, because they are their own separate countries with unique cultures.

Paul Farias's curator insight, April 9, 1:12 PM

This country is clearly more diverse than the world as a whole. It looks like some one taped up the boarders of Africa and splashed paint through out. 

Rescooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton from Geography Education!

Hispanic Population in the USA

Hispanic Population in the USA | digital divide information |
This data visualization from the U.S. Census Bureau shows distribution of Hispanic or Latino population by specific origin.

Via Seth Dixon
Mike Busarello's Digital Storybooks's curator insight, December 17, 2013 10:54 AM

1. What geographic factors account for the differences in settlement patterns of those of Puerto Rican origin and those of Mexican origin? 

2.How do these patterns shape the cultural patterns in the United States and affect particular places?

Miguel Alfaro's curator insight, October 9, 2014 8:51 PM

Informacion de Latinos en los Estados Unidos.

Brittany Ortiz's curator insight, October 21, 2014 6:48 PM

Very interesting to see how both major countries like Mexico Puerto Rico differ throughout the United States. I'm actually not surprised of the static itself since it would make sense where they would go once in the United States. As Mexico being the closest to the United States its obvious how they would just go to California then scatter through the rest of the United States. As for Puerto Rican's I really didn't know where the majority of them would be in the United States. But very cool to see!

Scooped by Bonnie Bracey Sutton!

the Achievement Gap

the  Achievement Gap | digital divide information |
The Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University is a university-wide initiative to help raise achievement for all children while narrowing racial, ethnic and socio-economic gaps
Bonnie Bracey Sutton's insight:

Resources, ideas, videos, some funding!

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