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Are We Ready For Social Commerce? What's Really Going On? [Infographic]

Are We Ready For Social Commerce? What's Really Going On? [Infographic] | Digital Culture |

This piece is written by Joe Fernandez for his blog socialmouths Infographic from ArgyleSocial


In this article, the author asks the question: Is social commerce the next big thing on the Internet but, is the consumer ready to make purchases from social networks?


What caught my attention:


**According to Gartner Research, by 2015 companies will generate 50% of web sales via their social presence and mobile applications


The author asks this quesstion and has some very interesting statistics to tell us about what's really happening.


**If you are here is because you are at least above the typical social network user, I know I am. You’ve probably purchase products online before.


**Have you purchase anything through Facebook? I have not.


So let’s take a look at this new infographic from ArgyleSocial, which perhaps brings a more realistic view of the state of social commerce.


The main points here are:


**Audience size doesn’t always translate into more revenue. Smaller brands tend to have bigger audiences and I think this is due to better communication strategies


**Only 17% of the brands included in the study feature products and 4% have integrate Facebook checkout features


****Brands are not asking for a sale. 49% never include calls to action in messages


**on Twitter. 44% on Facebook Only 29% include special offers/deals on posts


**(Even though we know most people “Like” brands to get access to them) -


**65% of the brands only share their own content



**91% do not use premium social media management tools and rely mostly on  free solutions


**We, as entrepreneurs, have the advantage to become aware and adjust a strategy much faster than a big corporation.


**Are you already selling your products on Facebook?


**Are you planning to do so?


**Or from the consumer side, are you making purchases on social platforms like Facebook?


Curated by Jan Gordon covering, "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond]


Read full article here: []

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Rescooped by nukem777 from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Who Are You Online? Transparency vs Anonymity [infographic]

Who Are You Online? Transparency vs Anonymity [infographic] | Digital Culture |

This infographic is from Daily Infographic


Transparency vs Anonymity ... Who Are You Online?


Today’s infographic shows these divergent philosophies of Internet culture and, most interestingly, what the average Internet user thinks about the privacy of their information online.


**What type of user are you?


**Do you prefer anonymity or transparency?


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


See full article and infographic here []

Via janlgordon
Beth Kanter's comment, January 21, 2012 12:47 PM
This is a terrific summary of the infographic. My feeling is that transparency is not a black and white definition of - disclosing everything or disclosing nothing. There's lots of shades of gray. I like the definition of transparency from "Public Parts" that Jeff Jarvis published last year - it also includes engaging with people around what you disclose. I think there is a place for being anonymous - especially when the information you disclose might put you in physical danger. Have written a lot about transparency - about the practice in my first book and in my second book how to measure it
Mike Coyle's curator insight, March 5, 2014 4:27 PM

Good comparison.