Media Literacy, Powerfully: A Model for School Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration — @Peter_Gutierrez Connect the Pop | Digital Citizenship is Elementary |

"One of the joys of writing articles for any magazine is all the interesting, sometimes inspiring, people you get to meet along the way; often, though, this is barely reflected in the published story, which might include only one or two quotes from such folks. Well, that’s the situation I encountered with SLJ’s February issue, in which I have an article on online media literacy. In the course of my research I ended up getting a lot of great information from Mercer Hall and Patricia Russac, a classroom teacher and Library Director/history teacher at Buckley Country Day School in Roslyn, New York. So much so that I  wanted to share their full and exceedingly thoughtful responses to my queries. So please consider the below “outtakes” or “deleted scenes” from the article, but ones that ended up on the cutting room floor not because of quality but rather simple space constraints. The first part is mostly a forceful rationale for media literacy education (with some helpful links) while the second shows how to implement such goals with all the practical, curricular, project-based learning that Hall and Russac create around MLE. For more – much, much more, actually – I urge you to visit their blog for the American Society for Innovative Design in Education (ASIDE)." - Peter Gutierrez

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