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Rolex & Their Storytelling "Icons" Campaign - Fab Story Triggers Example

Rolex & Their Storytelling "Icons" Campaign - Fab Story Triggers Example | Digital Brand Marketing |

Via Karen Dietz
Os Ishmael's insight:

Nice find. A great example of the power of storytelling and how it can posture up a brand.

Karen Dietz's curator insight, May 25, 2013 2:22 PM

Colleague Omar Kattan wrote this post about Rolex and their new 'Icons' campaign that has been a huge hit.

It's a brilliant use of story triggers on Rolex's part. What is a story trigger? In this case, Rolex is using images of movers and shakers who have worn their watches. These images spark stories within the minds of the viewers. No stories are explicitely told, they are simply trigger the associations and stories we already have embedded within us.

Kattan brings two Rolex videos into his article as examples. The first one about Elvis Presley is more of a back story -- and I'm left wanting more of the story!

The second video is much more of a story trigger. It's not really a story, but a video that sparks memories and stories within me about Andy Warhol.

I agree with Kattan in the article when he says Rolex needs to develop the story further, by adding more back stories. People will love them. And as Kattan also says, imagine what could happen for Rolex if they solicited stories from their customers about themselves or members of their family wearing Rolex watches!

Like Kattan, I congratulate Rolex on doing such a good job here and showing all of us what's possible using story triggers.

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Karen Dietz's comment, June 6, 2013 4:37 PM
Thanks Os! Yes, it is a terrific example. Glad you like it too.
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