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Rescooped by Os Ishmael from digital marketing strategy!

Visual Content Is Shaping the Future of Social Media [Infographic]

Visual Content Is Shaping the Future of Social Media [Infographic] | Digital Brand Marketing |
Visual content is exploding on social media, with sites like Pinterest and Vine leading the charge.

Even Twitter, which started as a place to post short and simple messages, now has images for a more visual experience. Indeed, the future of digital media is upon us — and it’s rich with visual content.

According to an infographic from Oracle, there are five tweets per second that include a Vine link. The acquisitions of Tumblr and Vizify point to an increased interest in interactive media and infographics, with Yahoo investing in visual media.

Via Lauren Moss, massimo facchinetti, malek
Michelle Smith's curator insight, September 19, 1:29 PM

Social media used to be about text that grabbed consumers attention. Now, its all about the visuals and text doesn't matter as much. According to this article our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Depending on whom you are targeting, visuals may be the best bet. For example, if you are targeting B2C, you should consider using things such as Vine to grab the consumers attention because they are much more responsive to that. If you are targeting B2B, it is best to stick with text-like options such as Linkedin. When marketing, it is important to take into consideration whom your target market is before you put together a marketing plan. You never know, they may want to see more visuals. 

Charlotte Mace de Gastines's curator insight, September 19, 3:34 PM

Global trend : the power of visual content

mcgrawmarketing's curator insight, Today, 8:09 AM

You know how much I loathe infographics...but this one was easy to read and made sense.  I would suggest that "All social networks should be considered" but unless you have unlimited resources, you might want to test and prioritize and invest where the greatest return is generated.  (Sorry, I work with firms much smaller than Oracle, about $38 billion, so they tend to have fewer resources.)  ;)

Rescooped by Os Ishmael from digital marketing strategy!

Why Content Marketing Fails Slides via Growth Hackers

Why Content Marketing Fails Slides via Growth Hackers | Digital Brand Marketing |
[Content Marketing, Must Read] Great slides by Rand Fishkin on what makes an effective content marketing strategy. He outlines 5 reasons why your strategy might fail: You believed the biggest myth content marketing ever told the world You made content without a community You invested in content creation, but not in it's amplification You ignored content's most powerful channel: SEO You gave up too fast

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, malek
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, May 21, 1:29 PM

Excellent and exhaustive punch to the gut of the many "content marketing" myths that exist. I would've added a section on Mark Schaefer's Content Shock, but that 1,000 word post is for another time. Between then (when I write the rejoinder) and now read Rand Fishkin's riff on why "inbound marketing" fails and see if you recognize some of your myths, urban legends and untruths about content marketing.

Love the almost RANDOM case view (see the beard slides) since that journey is so accurate to how journeys start, are sustained and end up in a purchase or subscription.

Also discusses visual marketing tend in a cool way (nope, nope, yes on Google).

malek's curator insight, May 21, 5:56 PM

How content marketing works?

Get ready for the long, entertaining and highly informative trip. I like the section about "content without a community", a real eye opener.

Rescooped by Os Ishmael from Content Creation, Curation, Management!

Design Resources: Web-Based Color Tools

Design Resources: Web-Based Color Tools | Digital Brand Marketing |

One of tne of the most important things designers work with is color. Every element they draw, type, or generate with a computer, gets a color. It is impossible to create anything visual without making color decisions. And to make things harder, estimates of the total number of discernable colors range from one hundred thousand to ten million. Add issues of human perception and color vision deficiency, and you could get a headache doing anything with colors, let alone building a color scale for data.


Luckily, you have some great tools at your disposal to help with color decisions. These tools incorporate different approaches, so each one is good at slightly different things. There are two main classes of tools for dealing with color. The first class is intended to help with design decisions, and the second class covers data driven color scales.

Via Lauren Moss, massimo facchinetti
Ehab Roufail's curator insight, July 31, 2013 10:49 AM

Great online tools for colour selection with a difference.

Rescooped by Os Ishmael from Business in a Social Media World!

5 Reasons @HaikuDeck Rocks Visual Marketing

5 Reasons @HaikuDeck Rocks Visual Marketing | Digital Brand Marketing |

Haiku Deck Rocks Visual Marketing
If you haven't used yet you should. Mark Traphagen turned me on to it and it is the best visual marketing tool out there. Here are 5 reasons we love Haiku Deck:

* SO EASY - the creators of Haiku Deck may have made the easiest to use tool on the plant.
* Free - Amazingly the tool is FREE (at the moment).
* Visual Marketing - we use the tool to find images from the Creative Commons. Content marketing is hampered without great images & Haiku Deck helps you find 'em.
* Their Community - great marketers creating awesome decks makes the Haiku Deck community one of our favorites (right up there with
* Their team - the Haiku Deck team is responsive, social and they want to help.

If you aren't using this awesome content marketing tool yet, you should be.


Via Martin (Marty) Smith, Cendrine Marrouat -
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, September 8, 10:28 AM

add your insight...

Cendrine Marrouat -'s curator insight, September 12, 10:50 AM

I'm right there with you, Marty!

Rescooped by Os Ishmael from digital marketing strategy!

Infographic: Shutterstock's Global Design Trends 2014

Infographic: Shutterstock's Global Design Trends 2014 | Digital Brand Marketing |
For our third annual infographic, we use data from our 350 million all-time
downloads to explore recent and emerging trends from around the globe.

Via malek
malek's curator insight, February 25, 2:25 PM

[url=/u/129000 x-already-notified=1]Martin (Marty) Smith[/url] (a no-designer) had a great summary here.

So inspiring, I had to go for the full infographic, a real gem.

Check popular search, learn about Gatsby, appetizing and adorable in a completely different mind frame.

Ali Anani's curator insight, February 28, 12:38 AM
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