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Will Hubspot Change Moribund CRM Landscape? Yes

Will Hubspot Change Moribund CRM Landscape? Yes | Digital Brand Marketing |

Posted by Serge Salager on TechCrunch Editor’s note: Serge Salager was formerly CEO of OneMove Technologies and a marketing manager at Affinnova and Procter & Gamble.   After several years of relatively stagnant waters, what was a dull CRM landscape dominated by one player is heating up dramatically. Salesforce officially put its $3.5 billion market …

Marty Note
WOW and WOW. Hubspot confirms what web marketers already know - distance between CRM, CMS and Content Marketing / Curation is short. As distinctions between tools blurs because it must we will gain.

Perhaps a new generation of tools will actually WORK without needing to string a ten tools together, bridge five analytics ecosystems and answer the questions we need to know in near real time.

Pigs flying yet? HubSpot's CRM entry could be ALL GOOD though :). M

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Make All of Your Website Content Editable In-line with Snaplive

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, September 8, 2013 3:02 PM

Snaplive is an up and coming free, open-source CMS which allows any publisher to edit the contents of its web site directly on the page, without needing to log in to a backend system.

Snaplive works perfectly with WordPress and with the existing theme you are using and not only provides editing functions but it also allows you to add / create new content sections very easily.

"Virtually ANY existing website or theme can become a Snaplive-powered editable website in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is add an HTML5 attribute to the div that will contain editable content."

My comment: I haven't tried Snaplive but the video is quite self-explanatory. While not the first system that attempts to provide in-line, on-the-page content editing and creation, the fact that that is free and open-source, that it can work with most any existing web sites and with any WordPress theme makes it very interesting for many a web publisher. If installing and configuring is as easy as it is promised, then this could be a godsend both for many website designers as well as for their clients. 

My compliments to Niccolò Broggi for designing such a cool, elegant and useful tool. 

Currently in private alpha.

For more info check: 


Please do support this project with your contribution here: 

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Can't Is MUSIC To A Marketing Geeks Ears: Added Daily Diary To Ecom Revolution

Can't Is MUSIC To A Marketing Geeks Ears: Added Daily Diary To Ecom Revolution | Digital Brand Marketing |

Ecommerce Revolution In 2015
Yesterday we planted a flag stating our intention to create an ecommerce revolution in 2015. Today first objections were heard. Learn why Can't is music to a marketing geeks ears and how you can join the ecommerce revolution so you can say, "Yeah, I helped with that," when others say they wish they could have been there.

Join The Ecom Revolution Today  ;

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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