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Rescooped by Os Ishmael from Ecom Revolution!

The Rise of Social Shopping via @HaikuDeck

The Rise of Social Shopping via @HaikuDeck | Digital Brand Marketing |

Rise of Social Shopping
Blink an eye and big stuff happens. With valuations in the billions for sites such as +OpenSky and in the hundreds of millions for relative newcomer Don't get lost in the trap such valuations create.

Remember Arthur C. Clarke's quote:
Any sufficiently NEW technology is indistinguishable from MAGIC.

There are several forms of new ecommerce magic happening now including:

+Wanelo = gamified, social & mobile shopping.
MassDrop = social affiliate program.
+OpenSky = Social Shopping with a #crowdfunding or +quirkydotcom  feel. = social shopping.
+Etsy = +eBay for crafters.
+Woot = Daily Deal

We added a new section to our Ecommerce Questions Haiku Deck to reflect the rise of social shopping. We also noted how and why Amazon should be worried. New "social shopping" plays are hitting Amazon right where they are vulnerable - community, social and mobile.

Amazon is  "Search and Stab" and they are about to compete with savvy mobile game creators. Shopping as a social game will beat low prices created by scale. Didn't Amazon just prove that point by vanquishing Walmart from the king's ecommerce throne?

Amazon understands the ARBITRAGE of online commerce better than anyone, but what if arbitrage wasn't the driving force anymore? Going to be an interesting fight between SCALE and its many benefits and a new generation of "kids" who don't know any better than to question everything, assume nothing and have FUN.

Fun is contagious. Will follow with video notes soon.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Rescooped by Os Ishmael from digital marketing strategy!

Mobile Is The New Black: Make Your Social Media Mobile Friendly

Mobile Is The New Black: Make Your Social Media Mobile Friendly | Digital Brand Marketing |
Are you reading this on your mobile device? The probability is likely, considering there are currently 6 billion (and growing!) active mobile devices in the world, and companies continue to tailor their marketing to the small screen of your iPhone.

Via Brian Yanish -, Martin (Marty) Smith, malek
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, November 25, 2013 9:46 AM

Great mobile / social Tips Scooped by Brian Yanish (@MarketingHits) including:

* Resize your Facebook posts No bigger than 620 x 320

* Choose Facebook Ads wisely

* Make it visual

* Turn up the content

* Get smart about couponing

* Take advantage of Twitter

* Upload to Instagram

* Utilize Email Marketing

My favorite is getting smart about couponing as that tip can make a real difference to your bottom line especially at this time of year.

Be careful not to have "battling coupons" where one deal wipes out another an check coupon websites like Retail Me Not to make sure they are up to date and don't have old coupon codes that don't work anymore since there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get a deal that is dead.

Joachim Scholz, PhD's curator insight, December 2, 2013 9:24 AM

The first phase of the trend towards mobile is in full swing, and it is time to adapt your marketing strategies for it. Resizing facebook ads, making it more visual and so on are the obvious things to think about, but there is also a second revoultion wrapped in the first: The move to (mobile) content marketing.


To oversimplify: Consumers watch big screens, but they touch small ones!


So the marketing communications you put on consumers' phone screens needs to be much more content oriented, something your consumers will voluntarily seek out. Being a service star in getting consumers the right coupon is a first thing to do, but also add levels of engagement and play. Coke did a great example during the London Olympic Games (on Marketing in Motion, use the Find buttom) for which they created a music DJ/mixing app that allowed consumers to build their own soundtrack to the games and send it to their friends.