What Can Angry Birds Teach Us About Universal Design for Instruction? | Quality Teachers + EdTech = Learning Success | Scoop.it

Prof. Hacker shares a unique perspective on how Angry Birds can teach us about Universal Design for Instruction and Universal Design for Learning.


"I think that Angry Birds is so fun to play because it helps develop our meta-cognitive skills. Throughout playing Angry Birds, one must pay attention to the strategies being employed, adjust one’s play as needed to achieve certain goals and objectives, and transfer what you have learned about a bird’s capabilities several levels ago to the current level.


In short, Angry Birds is a powerful metaphor for learning. As I was recently playing the game, I could not help but think: what if my classroom was more like this? Would students have a better learning experience?"


Consider the following:

> Angry Birds involves practice without penalty.

> Angry Birds offers the opportunity for constant feedback.

> Angry Birds inherently teachers that different tools have different purposes.

> Angry Birds rewards perseverance.

> Angry Birds gives no time limit.


"No wonder we are all addicted to this game! Now if only we could ensure that our classrooms are always safe spaces to practice new strategies, offer students a range of possibilities for how to succeed in their learning, give our students constant feedback, and support knowledge transfer within and among our courses."

Via Kathleen McClaskey