Collaborate, Markup and Discuss Image Collections Online: Marqueed | Visual Design and Presentation in Higher Edcuation |

Robin Good: Marqueed is a web service which allows you to create collections of images that can be shared, marked up and used for discussion with partners or clients.


Ideal for graphic design and visual communication projects Marqueed makes it extremely easy to bookmark and capture from the web or to directly upload (or drag and drop) most type of images as well as PDF files into easy to arrange collections.


Each image can be marked multiple times by highlighting specific areas and it is possible to place comments, requests and replies next to each markup point.


You can receive immediate notifications via email for any message or change to a collection while being able to directly upload images from Google Drive (and soon from Dropbox too).


Free to use.


Try it out now:



KF:  Similarly, this system could just as easily be used for a range of eductaional purposes. Including the obvious feedback and guidance on design and art tasks, but also on identifying features of an image (think maps, schemata, layouts, blueprints, landscapes, etc).  Can be used effecitively by teachers and students alike.


Via Robin Good