Go Social Studies Go! Who Says that Learning has to be Lame? | Differentiation Strategies | Scoop.it
Who says that learning has to be lame? Take the boring out of those old Social Studies books add in cool stories, links, and videos, and you get Go Social Studies Go.

Currently there are 6 sections: Global Religions, History (ancient, medieval, 19th & 20th century, colonial, American), World Geography, Choose Your Own Adventure (The Underground Railroad and Immigration with more to be added), History Legal Files (the Trial of Marie Antoinette with Brown vs Topeka Board of Ed. to be added soon), Cool Sites (a Scoop.it site by Go Social Studies Go), and Teacher Resources (a wikispaces site). It appears that additional information will be added. If you teach social studies check this site out, and share it with others!

Via Beth Dichter