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Scooped by Claren Cekkem!

HR/HRM595 Course

Claren Cekkem's insight:

HR HRM595 Week 1 Personal Bargaining Inventory Answer Worksheet

HR HRM595 Week 2 Field Analysis

HR HRM595 Week 3 Proposal

HR HRM595 Week 4 Negotiation Strategy and Tactics

HR HRM595 Week 5 Case Study Capital Mortage Insurance Corporation

HR HRM595 Week 6 You Decide

HR HRM595 Week 7 Negotiation Analysis Paper

HR HRM595 Final Exam

+ Discussions


Noisy Neighbors

Sick Leave

What is Framing & Why Should I do It

Movie Night - Personality & Negotiation

Seeing Things My Way

Winning at Win-Lose

Why Integrative Bargaining

Finding Alternative Solutions

You Just Don't Understand

Impasse- What Happened

Negotiating With Relationships

Forming & Managing Multi-Party Coalitions

Power in Negotiations

Your Lying and Cheating Ways

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Scooped by Claren Cekkem!

HR/HRM590 Course

Claren Cekkem's insight:

HR/HRM590 Course Project

HR/HRM590 Final Exam

+ Discussions


HRM Trends

Strategic HRM 

Employment Laws 

HRM Legal Compliance 

Job Analysis 

Forecasting and Planning 

Strategic Staffing 

Employee Socialization and Retention 

Performance Management 

Evaluating Employee Performance 

Pay for Performance Salary Decisions 

Case Scenario 

HRM and Technology 

Global HRM 

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Scooped by Claren Cekkem!

GM588 Course + Final Exam

Claren Cekkem's insight:

GM588 Course Project

GM588 Week 3 MCS Paper

GM588 Week 5 Case Study

GM588 Midterm Exam

GM588 Final Exam

+ Discussions:


Definition of Quality

Quality Management in Your Organization

Quality Philosophies

Quality Award Processes

The Voice of the Customer

The Kano Model

Quality Focus

Alignment of Strategy and Quality Mngmnt

Performance Metrics

Cost of Quality and the Customer

Differences in Organizational Processes

Six SigmaLean Applications

Statistical Process Control

Capability vs. Control

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Scooped by Claren Cekkem!

HR/HRM594 Course

Claren Cekkem's insight:

HR/HRM594 Course Project

HR HRM594 Final Exam

+ Discussions


Staffing Models and Strategy 

Staffing Legislation 

HR Planning 

Job Descriptions and Job Analysis 

Internal Recruitment 

External Recruitment 


External Selection 

Internal & External Selection 

Tanglewood Case Case 4 

Decision Making & the Final Match 

Tanglewood Case Cases 5 & 6 

Staffing System Management 

Retention Strategies



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Scooped by Claren Cekkem!

HR/HRM586 Course

Claren Cekkem's insight:

HR/HRM586 Course Project

HR/HRM586 Week 2 Case Study 10 An Anti-Nepotism Policy

HR/HRM586 Week 4 Case Study 11 A Laid-Off Glass Worker

HR/HRM586 Week 5 Pool Paper

HR/HRM586 Final Exam

+ Discussions


Fighting Employer's Premises, Page 405 

Union Salting 

Abusive Language Towards a Supervisor 

The Taylor Law 

Overlooked for an Unanticipated Vacancy 

The Future of Unions 

Employees on Medical Leave, Page 411

You Decide 

Blame for a Major Accident, Page 413 

Trilogy Cases 

Ten Days to Learn, Page 431 

Collective Bargaining Employment Benefit 

Discharge for Fraud, Page 416 

Your Key Learning from the Assign

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