Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201
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Finally A Video On Child Abuse That Every Kid Can Watch And Learn From. Show It To Your Kids Tonight.

Finally A Video On Child Abuse That Every Kid Can Watch And Learn From. Show It To Your Kids Tonight. | Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201 |
Spread this message and let kids know that help is just a call away.
Kristy Gipson's insight:

I found this video here on scoop-it and I thought it would be something good to share with all of you. Maybe you have your own children,nieces, nephews or you have friends that have kids. I think this video explains to children the basics of what they need to know to hopefully keep them safe from a child predator. This video  kind of made me upset as I watched it because the thought of another person sexually abusing a child is beyond horrible. Please take the time to watch this video.  Every child should watch this. 


sara erdman's comment, April 22, 2014 10:12 AM
I think this video is great! I have a nephew and this is would be the best thing for him to watch! A lot of kids would be ashamed to tell anyone like the little girl did. Maybe if more adults showed kids this it would help them feel more comfortable on telling somebody if someone has touched them inapprpriatly.
Savannah Edmonds's comment, April 22, 2014 11:20 AM
Although it is so disturbing that this stuff happens to such innocent, precious children, making them aware that it it wrong and that it is okay to seek help, is of the utmost importance! I think this is a great way to to teach our young children about inappropriate touching or behavior. I wish there was a mandatory video and one time class, like this, in the schools here. It is so, so very important to talk to our children about this and on a level they could understand. This is great, thanks for sharing.
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Pakistani family: 9-month-old booked on attempted murder charge

A 9-month-old Pakistani boy bawled as he was fingerprinted and booked in Lahore on an attempted murder charge.
Kristy Gipson's insight:

I have no idea what theory this would fall under but what I do know is that this is ridiculous and way off base.  In my eyes the deviant people in this case were the police that thought that this was a good idea.  I understand that the father and others in the home were out of hand and committed acts of violence against the officials but why did this innocent 9 month old baby have to be booked and taken to court.  Has society in general really stooped to this level? Have the people in Islamabad, Pakistan really stepped this far out of what being a human is supposed to be. What theory does this fall into? 

Ryley Wyrwitzke's comment, April 8, 2014 10:05 AM
I am not sure it would be a theory, as this 9 month old baby has no sense of right and wrong. But yes, as Kristy said, if anything the police are the deviant--and idiotic--ones for booking a baby on a MURDER charge. A baby doesn't really have the intelligence, strength, etc. to even commit a murder. I can't even wrap my mind what would make someone think "this BABY commited murder."
Lisamarie Kolster's comment, April 8, 2014 10:45 AM
I'm just so confused how a 9 month old baby is charged with attempted murder when he can't even walk! Reading more into the story below the video the lawyer even said he has no idea how the child even falls into the story. If the dad and the older brother were the ones throwing the bricks why is the baby being charged? Just honestly kids in the U.S from the ages to 8-15 have murdered people in school shooting, drunk driving etc. but haven't been charged and booked to prison. This is now going to be on his record forever, I can only imagine how hard the rest of his life will be when people see that he was charged with attempted murder.
Savannah Edmonds's comment, April 8, 2014 11:35 AM
This is just so sad... Obviously someone has acted hastily and even lazily, when booking this family. It seems as though the family was just clumped together and charges were brought against them, without properly going over the age and actual involvement of each family member. Although negligent, hopefully that is the case because if not how ignorant, cruel, and foolish on the part of the authority figure who brought on these charges. At least the article ended with the statement that upon massive response from media coverage, the authority figure was suspended. But what if there had not been such a big response? What then? So outrageous...
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Pope Francis Names His Anti-Abuse Team

Pope Francis Names His Anti-Abuse Team | Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201 |
Pope Francis named Boston’s Cardinal O’Malley, a psychotherapist, and four women—one of them raped by a priest—to deal with child abuse in the Catholic Church.
Kristy Gipson's insight:

This article was a nice surprise and I am happy that the pope is finally stepping in and addressing the issues with priests that have a been the cause of many children being abused sexually.  Many of these priests have been shuffled around the church and never dealt with.  Now the pope has put together a team of a whole variety of individuals that in hopes can weed out these priests that have held their position to high.  These individuals need to be prosecuted and jailed.  The children that were abused faced a horrible experience of deviance from the one person that they were supposed trust.  Priests as any other human being are capable of extreme deviance.  I know that because of these actions, there is now a label that will continue to be placed on all priests.  The trust that many individuals had for priests and the church is now out the window and has been replaced with a negative outlook. 

Melissa Denetdale's comment, March 24, 2014 5:05 PM
Labeling theory is placed on future or current priests. Recognition from the Pope himself identifies just how serious this issue is. Both the public and media see how often this type of incident is occurring and that it will no no longer be accepted as the norm of deviance brought on by a person of high religious status. This type of deviant act inflicts an extreme amount of harm on both the victim and the reputation of the religion. The victim is also dominantly of a minor and that is not accepted in any society as an acceptable deviant behavior.
Erin Madden's comment, March 27, 2014 12:32 PM
Good discussion of labeling here! The pop is definitely using kinds of semiformal social control to manage this awful trend in the Catholic church. I have also heard from progressive catholics, however, that they think this kind of abuse will persist so long as Catholic priesthood requires priests to be celibate. If the church allowed priests to marry and have typical sex lives that may help reduce these problems.
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Second Gay Student at MN High School Targeted with Hate Crime After Coming Out: VIDEO |News | Towleroad

Second Gay Student at MN High School Targeted with Hate Crime After Coming Out: VIDEO |News | Towleroad | Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201 |
Second Gay Student at MN High School Targeted with Hate Crime After Coming Out: VIDEO -- News |-- Crime, Education, Minnesota, News
Kristy Gipson's insight:

I can kind of understand how many people would see this as wrong but come let’s get with the new age it is 2014 and life has changed drastically.  Not only are a lot more people gay/bisexual/lesbian but women have stepped up a created a life for themselves, should they be hated to.  I think this takes a positivistic and constructionist approach at looking at this.  I think that so many questions should be asked like how and why.  These young children that posed a hate crime because they didn’t like the idea of these young men being gay is absurd.  What kind of home life dot they have? What were they taught by their parents? Why do they see this as something that will affect them? What kind of people are their parents? Is there any kind of biology aspect that could affect the way they look at this? Is there a racial argument here?  I am so furious with this article because my 20 year old son is gay and came out to me when he was younger. I as mom have accepted and have never made him feel bad for this choice he has made. Everyone deserves to find happiness and everyone deserves to have someone to love. In all this I have 3 other boys besides my oldest and I have taught them that everyone is equal and that they should never pass judgment on anyone.  No one deserves to feel less then who they were made to be and to throw around the God/Bible is insane.  In the bible it says that god created all of us and he knitted us together inside our mother’s womb. So how could this be wrong in the eyes of God? This would be another question that should be asked.

Shayla Neeley's comment, February 10, 2014 12:27 AM
I think it is wrong the way people target people who are not the same sexual orientation as them. This follows the positivist theory because it can ask why the person acted deviant. In this case, people ask why a person is homosexual and what led them to be that way. In a constructionist view, this topic asks how do people react to a homosexuality.In this case, people reacted in a terrible and emotionally harmful way. I think that people will always be against homosexuality because it is not the "norm". I personally think that people should be able to choose what kind of life they live but just how racism is not as problematic as it used to be, it will always be around, just like the prejudgment of homosexuality. Regardless of how far we have socially progressed as a nation, anything that does not fit into a norm will always be seen as deviant. The main arguments against homosexuality tend to always be quoted bible verses that quickly shame a person. It is sad to see that a young kid has chosen the person that they want to be for the rest of their life and they are being tormented because of it. I think that people should be more open to the different types of people that are in our society. In the end, you shouldn't judge a person just because they "sin" differently than you. In a sense we are all deviant and I don't see how people can make it seem like homosexuality is deviant in every social group and to everyone.
Erin Madden's comment, February 11, 2014 1:04 PM
We can definitely see int his story how agents of social control have tried to enforce heterosexual norms. By harassing this gay teenager, they are punishing him for what they see as "deviant sexuality." Kristy and Shayla bring up important points for thinking about why agents of social control do this: one is religion. Some interpret their religious beliefs in ways that say being gay is wrong and sinful. Shayla points out the bible is used as a justification for anti-gay social control. Shayla and kristy both disagree with the labeling of homosexuality as deviant. They both take a constructionist view by saying they understand how homosexuality is labeled as deviant, and what peopel do to try to enforce heterosexual norms, but both also disagree with calling gay people deviant. Shayla says this label will probably always be applied to gay people since they are probably always going to be a minority group, and thus not the norm. Do you agree?
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Dallas woman accused of castrating, stabbing man 130 times testifies at murder trial

Dallas woman accused of castrating, stabbing man 130 times testifies at murder trial | Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201 |

I think that Cristal Richardson told jurors at her murder trial that she doesn’t recall everything that happened when she castrated Cedric Owens and stabbed him 130 times in a Far East Dallas motel room. But she she told jurors that she does remember she acted in self defense. Richardson, 29, ...

Kristy Gipson's insight:

I think that this article really shows a lot of the theories that we have learned about.  This girl has suffered a great deal of abuse as a child, could this be a reflection of what has been done to her? I am very sure she has a lot of anger and hate built up inside of her.  She definitely has the label theory attached  to her because she has had several different arrests from a number of things.  This killing was so far off base and there would never be a reason to do this to another person. i can understand self defense but taking it to this extreme is hard to even wrap around my thoughts.  What do you think?


Kim Warren's curator insight, April 14, 2014 8:11 AM

In a positivist ideal, this article has quite a few reasons as to why its a murder.  One reason is that this murder did happen in the heat of the moment.  This woman claims that before she killed Cedric Owens, he was assaulting her and that the murder happened in the heat of the moment.   Another reason positivists might label this a murder is that this woman justifies that she killed him for the right reason: self defense.  She claims that he was raping her and hitting her.  She also claims that she was not on her medication that she needs to be coherent.

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Girlfriend of murder suspect: 'I keep thinking it could have been me'

Girlfriend of murder suspect: 'I keep thinking it could have been me' | Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201 |
Woman had been dating Christopher Kryger for four months
Kristy Gipson's insight:

Christopher Dean Kryger was not the person that everyone thought he was.  Kryger was a parolee that spent many years in prison. His past labeled him as deviant, and because of this label he was the first person that was thought of when the video surveillance tape was shown.  Anyone could own a plaid jacket but the first thought and feeling that his girlfriend thought of was, hey that’s Kryger.  Did he do it or was he accused because of his past? This is a question that needs to be examined. His demeanor in the eyes of others was kind and they never thought that he could have done this. 

Erin Madden's comment, April 3, 2014 1:10 PM
Good comparison of demeanor and labels!
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Maryland girls tortured autistic boy, forced him to perform sex act with family pet: sheriff’s office 

Maryland girls tortured autistic boy, forced him to perform sex act with family pet: sheriff’s office  | Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201 |
Two Maryland teenagers tortured a 16-year-old autistic boy with a knife, forced him to engage in a sex act and even filmed the cruel deeds for their own amusement, police allege.
Kristy Gipson's insight:

I really am not sure what theory or theories this falls under.  What I do know is this is extremely deviant and should be dealt with appropriately.  I would take a positivist and a constructionist point of view in trying to figure out what happened.  I want to know why they did this and how could these acts happen and the hands of these girls.  Were her parents to blame for not raising and teaching them morals?  Was this girl a pleasure seeker and wanted to do this act to take place for her own personal needs?  Why did she feel the need to have a accomplice?   Was her 15 year old accomplice forced into this or did they feel like they had to do this in order to impress or stay friends with Lauren.  Maybe this accomplice is just as messed up. There is so many different aspects of this that could have taken place and without a full detail story about this tragic act one is left to assume the hate and deviance that is carried throughout this act of violence.

Ryley Wyrwitzke's comment, March 25, 2014 12:02 PM
Honestly I have no words or have any ideas of what this fallllls under, All I know is that this is very deviant. I feel that since the child had a mental disorder, the woman, I feel also had some odd fetish that she took advantage of because of her advantage over the boy. Anyone in society would view this as extremely deviant, and mentally sick, not only that but she will now be labeled as a sex offender I would imagine. I feel that she could be mentally sick, a normal mind would not come up with something like this. I feel this is sick. Like Kristy said, there are a lot of unanswered questions to make a for sure desison on what kind of deviance this is.
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Police: 7-week-old girl dies from child abuse, dad charged

Police: 7-week-old girl dies from child abuse, dad charged | Deviant Behavior Sociology 2213-201 |
A Rock Hill man has been charged after police say his seven-week-old daughter died after she appeared to be violently shaken.
Kristy Gipson's insight:

In reading this article I have found that undesirable questions in the back of my head, those questions of why?  This man was accused of killing his 7 week old baby.  What was happening that caused this man to do such a horrible act? Was there outside influences that played in his mental state? What was this man’s home life as child like? This question will and may never be asked or even answered. The focus is on this man is a monster because this innocent baby girl was killed at the hands of her father. In society I think that all of us grew up with some form of the caring process and through our life ordeals some of us may have grown cold and even have changed our way of looking at life. This act of violence should never go unpunished and this man should be put away for a long time. If he was capable of killing his 7 week old daughter and still hold that look of confidence in his eyes. I strongly believe that he will harm someone else in the future, and just maybe he has already done this.  I am so outraged and disgusted with this. I am a mother of 4 boys and in my experience nothing was or ever could be that bad to make a parent want to kill their own child or any other child for that matter.  

Mike Campion's comment, January 27, 2014 2:07 PM
I agree that it instantly brings up the positivist perspective in this. Constructionist's try to look at what makes these actions deviant but when it's something as horrible as killing a seven week old baby. It would be interesting to see if they ever do follow up and ask him why he did, but even if he has an answer I don't believe it'll ever justify his actions but maybe make them a little clearer. I think you're correct in his assumption of hurting someone else, if you can hurt an innocent child I don't think there is much to stop him from hurting anyone.
Sarah Beltran's comment, January 28, 2014 1:14 AM
This article is disturbing even with the lack of information. It made me think about the social control theory and self-control theory. Usually we hear about the boyfriend or stepfather that kills the child, not the biological father. Perhaps he didn't have any attachment bonds to his baby, or he doesn't have many belief bonds. He may have broken the law in the past. Since he shook the baby to death it seems like he was impulsive and didn't have any self-control in the moment. The only situation I can think of that would make him lose his mind is if the baby wouldn't stop crying, and he simply cracked. It's even possible that he didn't realize what he was doing till the baby was dead. This is horrible to think about and I'm certainly not defending him, but it is a possible scenario. However, this all goes along with the self-control theory. Hopefully the police will be able to get the answers to why he killed his baby.
Melissa Denetdale's comment, January 28, 2014 4:31 PM
This takes a much more positivist outlook of "why" a person would do such an act. This event takes a more meaning to the offender being more deviant and frowned upon because the victim was a defenseless baby. I agree with Mike, in that no matter what the offender's reason for acting in such a way that claimed a baby's life will never be justifiable. I think in every culture and in every society, putting harm on a baby is against being the norm. I am surprised on the charges they put upon him. In other states such an act is seen as murder. I also find it that there are other cases that an Anglo male has been charged with the same type of crime, but it has not been covered by media. This puts a much more dampening coat on the race stigma of African Americans being more violent and capable of commiting crimes.