Toyota and Tesla team up for launch of electric RAV4 in California.

With the plus-size battery that makes it all possible comes a hefty price: $50,610, before a $7,500 federal credit and a $2,500 California rebate; Toyota expects to announce a lease plan this month. The EV is equipped with about the same level of amenities as the gasoline-powered RAV4 Limited V-6 model, which costs $31,279. (Well, there's no leather upholstery, but the EV borrows more efficient headlamps from Lexus.)

Still, $40,000 buys a Tesla-brewed Toyota that offers generous space for passengers and cargo, and even if you commute alone, there's no need to feel guilty, because there's no tailpipe fouling the atmosphere. Only 2,600 units will be made, with production wrapping up at the end of 2014. The limited run, I believe, will only heighten its appeal, earning Toyota a legion of interested customers begging the company to make more.
Via Sass Peress, Hans De Keulenaer